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Keep picking mage in arena... I dare you.. Got to 10 without a loss, then lost to a Paladin, beat a Mage (my 5th of the run), and then a Druid for the last..

I know it says 12.. And the rewards were 12.. But I know in my heart it's only 11

Awesome! 12 is 12. You would have won the 12th if you needed to

Strong early game Hunter - Well Played.

I've done five or six arenas since the frost event.

Gotten paladin every time. No mage options unfortunately.

Been pretty consistently going 6ish wins, but the difference between six and seven rewards are big enough that it's been pretty frustrating.

Arena is so tempo heavy nowadays than when I last played.

I rarely do Arena and had forgotten - one thing that really bugs me. The 5 gold at times. Whether from 25 gold or 155 gold or what have you. Really only from Arena. Just plain bothers me. Wish it was only in increments of 10 like Quests, winning 3 games - everything else! Including anything you can 'purchase' with! Blah. Good times

Sigh. I wish they hadn't made this card. First of all - just in general - I don't like discarding / destroying cards from foes' decks / hands. Much less a targeted removal of X Cost or X Type cards.

6 cost neutral epic minion. 4,6.
Battlecry destroy all 1 cost spells in both hand in deck.

Was trying to think of 1 cost Spells that would be a big deal, then saw "RIP Jade Idol decks".

As someone who hated, hated losing to like Justicar Warrior Fatigue decks in Casual with a beginners Mage deck. I hate this. I loved Jade Idol moving Fatigue out. (Heck i'm more ok with a Rogue Mill that you can play cards to beat than the frustration of a Warrior Fatigue.) If they are going to print this - I wish they made the Warrior Spell... [Dead Man's Hand - I believe] that's 2 cost that throws a copy of your hand into your deck, 1 cost. Have it be a way to be rid of both 1 cost Spells that can hard counter fatigue decks. Rather than give one (soon to come) Fatigue / Fatigue surviving deck a giant advantage vs the other.

I'm ok with Jade Druid. It can lose to aggro fairly easily. I'm ok with it being near invincible to Fatigue.

And again - overall - I really don't like something like this being introduced in general.

It does give Jade Shaman something over Jade Druid - I'll say that.

But I do not like the precedent this sets / the threshold this has crossed. Folks will want / ask for "Remove all Dragons, remove all 3 cost minions / spells / cards", etc. Just seems like a bad Pandora's Box to open. (not thinking of any good ones)

I don't like it.. It seems like a hate card against Jade Druid, but it kills so many other good cards and has decent enough stats that it might end up just being a staple.. Warrior's Whirlwind Shield Slam, Upgrade.. all Pally Secrets.. Warlock's Mortal Coil and Soulfire.. Potion of Madness, Innerfire, Power Word Shield for Priest.. Cold Blood, Hallucination for Rogue. Evolve for Shaman.. Even "Big" Druid still uses Earthen Scales and Aggro Druid has Mark of the Lotus..

I feel like only Hunter and Mage are safe from this card..

Ya - it being bad for especially Wild Paladin Secrets - Mysterious Challenger - is the only redeeming thing I can think of.

But I share the overall dislike.

Honestly I'm kind of a fan of any tech hate card. This one has a pretty drastic effect, but at it's heart it is a targeted card. What you're aiming at might change, but without a specific aim I don't think it's good enough. By turn six, most non-combo focused decks will have either played their 1 drops or no longer want to draw them. And the card only fits in a control deck, so if you're hoping to nail shield slams, youre going to also not want to be *running* shield slams.

I think it's a good anti-jade druid tech. I don't think it helps against....really anything else more than it hurts.

But like I said, I love these types of card. The crabs and mct types might be some of my favorite cards

Had my first truly good Arena run in a long time with Mage today. Went 8-0 before I got my first loss against a paladin, a loss I probably would've avoided by the looks of the game's progress if my new monitor hadn't suddenly crapped out on me in the middle of the game. Murphy's law is real, my friends. Only got one more win after that, but excluding the free one from this week I matched my best run to date, a nasty little Rogue deck I made back during Naxx. Is it obvious yet that I don't play Arena much?

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