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Good program for world/city mapping?

Good program for world/city mapping?

Hi all,

So I like to use map for making battle/dungeon maps. But what about world maps or city maps? Does anyone have a favorite go-to program for large scale maps? (Preferably free, even if they require a download).

There was one free, online world map maker that I thought looked cool, that made the maps look kind of papery and old-timey...can't for the life of me remember where it was.

I've tried using Campaign Cartographer, but it's just painstaking enough to make a nice map that I found it kind of frustrating.

My biggest "want" though is for city mapping. I wouldn't necessarily have to place every house or whatever but being able to delineate boundaries, roads, districts, would be nice....(And I'm terrible at hand-drawn maps).

Originally Posted by Basil_Bottletop View Post
Why? Will you accidentally spill grape juice on them or something? I hate doing laundry.
You will, in fact, spill ALL the grape juice. All of it.

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You will, in fact, spill ALL the grape juice. All of it.
I don't like mapmaking programs all that much to cause such a reaction, thank you very much. Though the link you suggested is a good one.

Here's a cyberpunk-specific random generator that might help you build random city blocks, complete with NPCs, though obviously you'd have to adjust it for your system of choice if you're not using the Fates Worse Than Death RPG.

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You'll need a fresh pair of shorts after you see that site. It's that amazing.
Inkarnate is quite good. I haven't played around with it for a while, but 3 of us from my tabletop group are toying around with it.

Other World Mapper looks incredible, but at $60 to buy in to the Beta, unless you plan on doing some publishing, there are less expensive options.

The Cartographer's Guild
is THE place to explore for anything dealing with RPG mapping.

I quite like Donjon RPG Tools. There are generators for D&D 4e / 5e, Pathfinder and several more.

I have used Dundjinni to make maps, its not free, but, its not as expensive or have a learning curve like some others. You can find helpful videos on youtube for some of the programs.

One free one that I recently found and have yet to try, it looks promising is called Krita it has a free and paid version it is not made for map making, rather its made for digital art but it may work. Another possible program is Sketchup, has a learning curve but the free version is nice


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