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Looking good. Do they do enough damage for a CR 4 creature?

Yeah I was thinking about upping it as well but not sure where to, originally I think I had it at 2d8+4, I was thinking they would make good shock troops, sort of swarm out of a cave attack and run off in numbers. Maybe lowering the CR to 3, drop AC to 14 and leave damage where it is?

DMG has damage per round of CR 3 as 21-26 and AC as 13; CR 4 as 27-32 and AC 14. Now I find that those recommended damage numbers are sometimes a bit higher than we see in the MM, but in this case they might be right, sinc ehe doesn't have a lot of other combat capabilities (which is fine). I was also thinking another cool idea might be to give him the ability to use his wings to run across water like solid ground. He sinks if he ends his move on water. Thoughts?

Hate for my first bit of feedback to be a negative query but...wouldn't we run into a copyright issue with the name?

Yeah the name is a placeholder. That’s definitely being changed. I’ll also fluff up the write-up. Thanks though.

How about

When taking the Dash action "Scyther" gains a fly speed of 40.

This would allow them to fly when they are not attacking. Or

When taking the Dash action "Scyther" gains a hover height of 0

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