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For Critique: Path of the Rage Channeler

Haha So what are you thinking? Balanced?

At my initial glance it looks like you've used the EK as inspiration for creation, and its probably even more balanced when you consider that this archetype will need str, dex for ac, con for AC and HP, and finally charisma for casting.

Thanks for the comments. The point you make about needing DEX also might actually be an argument for making STR the casting ability. WhoEvr also said something similar. Hmmm.

I like the idea, and working from the EK archetype is a decent start, but I see a couple of problems. Unlike the EK, the Rage Channeler has no ability to combine spell and weapon attacks. While there could be situational reasons to use a spell over a weapon attack, for the most part a barbarian is going to be better served by just hitting enemies with his weapon than casting low level evocations. The ability to maintain spells while raging could be useful, if you take the handful of buffs that the sorcerer can get, otherwise, it's largely wasted.

Thanks for the analysis. I didn't want to step too much on the EK's toes. I do give the Rage Channeler the ability not to lose rage if he casts a non attack spell. Do you have suggested changes?

I think overall balance is pretty good, to be honest it seems along the lines of what Tolgakor does where it is mostly utility spells to augment him rather than direct attacks. Something like a human being able to pick up dark vision, or cast shield when an attack makes it way through or jump to get across the chasm. I agree you probably will not be using burning hands that often over a regular attack but it adds nice flexibility.

I guess my biggest problem would be that he is forced to take evocation spells kind of like the EK, but unlike the EK, they aren't actually useful most of the time for him. At least he's a bit more flexible, needing only one evocation of each level, but still, there's just something that feels off about it.

I think that’s a valuable critique. How could I make it better?

Good point, pretty much all the utility spells I was thinking of are from transmutation. I would be tempted to switch to that as it sort of fits the theme of pushing your self so hard magic happens. Or just get rid of the requirement.

Edit: Only one 4th level sorcerer spell is transmutation: polymorph. I would lean towards removal of requirement or maybe only require it for initial picks.


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