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Servant of Sins Invocations

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Hmm, I just took a quick look, but it seems as though there are almost no divination spells that have any rolls at all, and most of those are Wisdom saving throws - Detect Thoughts and Scrying are basically the only two that would be used with any frequency.

Perhaps something like a percentage chance equal to your level that any divination spell that would include you in its area or as its target does not affect you - the caster gets a 'static' signal back, if you will.
Good research, but we want to keep things simple. Maybe "You have advantage on any saving throw you make against Detect Thoughts or Scrying"?

Yup I am looking as well, spells I think it might want to benefit against
Detect Thoughts- Wisdom save followed by Intelligence
Mind Spike- Wisdom save
Scrying- Wisdom save

So short version I think it should give advantage on Wisdom saves against those three rather then disadvantage against all divination.

Maybe advantage on any Wis save you make against a divination spell?

That's probably easier, I just didn't want it to be open ended when they may add more spells that may do damage or such but there do not seem to be any non-tracking/alignment determining spells that are not wisdom/divination.

Probably not that big of a deal though.


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