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Agreed. The movies and CW shows are just awful in general (though I can handle Supergirl and Flash for the most part, and Legends is what it is... but Arrow can sod off). The people behind those projects just don't understand the characters at all, or even what superheroes are all about. Hint: It's not tween drama.

But, again, I just have to say that Titans is doing a fantastic job and it just got better with each episode. So much so that I'm actually looking forward to the Doom Patrol series coming out. And I can't tell you the last time I was looking forward to anything DC-related in live action media.

What's surprising to me is with how much of the medium is there, from books to comics to TV shows, it should be easy enough to make a movie. Copy and paste the best moments from the comics, tv shows etc. in to one movie and blam, you should have a half-way decent story, even if it's not any good or only mediocre. But they can't do that for some reason.

And it's over acted and cringey a lot of the times. Like when Batman was screaming every 5 seconds about post-apocalyptic flash-backs and whatnot it was just like... what the hell is this? How it became such a mess, especially when there's so much in the medium that's good, like the animated series TV show, is kind of concerning. How do you screw up such an obviously popular franchise, and do so consistently, like with Superman, Starwars and everything else? These people get paid millions of dollars. I guess if they spent the whole budget on cocaine it might explain the issue. xD

Everyone seems to forget the Human Target series. The first season of that was really quite enjoyable. Sadly, from what I understand, FOX interfered with season2, making it not worth watching. Since it hasn't been released on DVD or anything else I'm aware of, I haven't had a chance (sorry, accidental joke I didn't realize 'til I'd finished typing) to see for myself. Wish they'd grabbed Varney for HT's appearance on Arrow--that could have been a fun joke.

So it isn't just WB/CW that's failing live-action DC: it's everyone.


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