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In this thread I gush about Teysa and Kaya in Ravnica Allegiance

Cool cards for sure.

I crafted 4 Seraph of Scales (so cool looking) from wildcards for mtg arena and have been enjoying white black angel focused.

Running into quite a bit of red aggro. I can beat some with Lyra (x2 or x3). Would 3 Cast Down, 3 Mortify, and 4 Vrasskas Contempt (more for Teferi or creatures) seem about right? I have 2 Ritual of Soot which is great at times. But not in time other times...

I love new teysa. I've already built a commander deck around her, mostly aristocrats because it is my favorite kind of play styles. I would say I am personally a little underwhelmed by Kaya, her original card was so much more flexible, but this card has great flavor from exiling to kill ghosts.

Teysa and Tithe Takers plus Seraph of Scales. And possibly the 3 cost Afterlife 2, does seem strong. A bunch of left behind Flying and then Vigilance / Lifelink ghosts does seem good.

They're my favorite cards, plus Seraph of Scales. Especially since I play MTG:Arena. The Seraph of Scales animation is amazing.


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