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Need some oriental/asian themed assets/maps/tiles!

Need some oriental/asian themed assets/maps/tiles!

I simply cannot believe how difficult it is to find Asian themed assets! I've been searching for days and I can't even find a tileset for something as simple as say, an Asian themed building or town!

Does anyone have any good resources before I go crazy and pull out all my remaining hair trying to mangle something in photoshop?

I understand that feeling, its hard to find that stuff. Here are a couple suggestions, 1st edition D&D Oriental Adventures had simple plans for buildings. The other suggestion is more labor intensive, but, read up on the ideas of "Chi" they designed buildings around having a good flow of "Chi" throughout the building. If you understand that, you will understand how they designed the buildings and towns.

Hope this helps

See if you can find any resources for Legend of the Five Rings or, alternatively, Exalted. Both are heavily Asian-influenced (L5R being a fantasized feudal Japan, Exalted a mix of Chinese and Japanese aesthetics), and might assist in the search.

Try using Google's image search with keywords like "battlemap oriental" or "battlemap asian". I've already found a few maps that feel Oriental enough for me. Might work for you too.

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