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Pathfinder Tristalt GM-Coop game

If it lasts long enough then maybe get some playing experience under your belt for a mission or two and request DM status to run a game when you are confident in your experience with the system I only predict needing 2 other GMs for this game to get started, well 1 more now that Ashendragon and I have already sunk our teeth into the first layer of getting the ball rolling...

That will definitely be needed down the road...I hope it won't start being absolutely necessary until the second or third round of games.

The more the merrier, and what will really help this along is going to be people willing to GM. This doesn't have to be a long, well thought out campaign all. If you've got a one shot that you figure will take a couple of weeks to get done then by all means throw that thing up once this opens and people get characters made. If you've got a zany idea that never got to see the light then by all means let's hear about it. Even if you don't want to run it, if you have some info on it and wanna throw it out for someone else to do the legwork for that could be a help.

Speaking as someone who's been involved in the 3.5 version since the inception that's the biggest issue, finding people to GM.

Giving this some thought, I actually have an idea for a plot I should like to run.
It is not impossible that I could also lend a hand in some of the other GM duties in the preparations for this game, I do have a good amount of GM experience with Pathfinder.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
In tristalt, though, isn't everyone going to have 2-3 spellcasting classes anyway? Nobody's going to want to go Fighter|Rogue|Monk because it's gestalt, why would you do that? You'd do Paladin|Sorcerer or Fighter|Wizard or something - it's pretty much a given anyway that any straight martial character is going to suck, seeing as so little of what they offer stacks usefully across gestalt (it's like going Wizard|Commoner|Commoner, except that in that case Wizard is at least powerful in the first place).
I would like to note that in the gestalt game that YOU AND I play in, my character is a Monk/Ninja with a single level dip in Occultist.

So... no.

I am kind of curious as to WHY you want to play Tristalt Level 15? Is the idea to create Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman level characters?

The power level isn't in and of itself an issue as per se - everything's relative, after all, so the bad guys can be amped up just as much as the PCs. All the numbers are bigger, but so what? The issues revolve more around the various capabilities players have (e.g. invisibility, teleportation, etc). That sort of power level also has a fairly narrow scope as to the kind of game you play - there are no mere "dungeons" any more, or really very many at all of the classic adventure tropes. Instead it's all epic planar adventures, massive-scale battles, punching Elder Evils, etc etc.

Originally Posted by JAMRenaissance View Post
So... no.
My point is rather that "are the martials balanced with the casters?" isn't the same sort of concern as it is usually. Typically in tristalt, every martial is also a caster. Of course you can mash three non-casting full-BAB classes together and that will probably function incredibly poorly, but this boils down to the fact that the difference between the mechanically strong and poor choices has now become much larger. However it's not really casters vs non-casters per se any more; in fact, some of the weaker classes (e.g. Monk) perform a lot better than expected in gestalt (the classic example is something like Paladin|Sorcerer - Paladin is not doing the heavy lifting, but still adds a lot, whereas Cleric|Sorcerer or Oracle|Sorcerer or Bard|Sorcerer, not quite as good as you might expect).

Originally Posted by JAMRenaissance View Post
I am kind of curious as to WHY you want to play Tristalt Level 15? Is the idea to create Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman level characters?
Well, indeed, good question! I basically asked that myself.

I guess one answer is exactly that, to make Superman/Wonder Woman level characters (Batman is of course a L1 Investigator with no Alchemy and the Rich Parents trait) - or at least, things are crazy-high power levels. Planeswalkers, Archmages, Elder-Evil-punching wuxia masters, etc etc.

Another is just the mechanical aspect of it. Forget the playing, it's fun to build these monstrosities! Plus it's also fun to try them out for real afterwards.

I do think it's worth asking yourself that question a couple of times though if only to help figure out exactly what kind of game it's going to be. I personally find it quite hard to come up with a good story for a character like that (especially a non-"monstrous" one), at least without writing a novel beforehand, just because it is an abnormally high power level. It's definitely not something that you can't do, though.

It's a big project, something that will attract a lot of players, I have no idea of how tristalt even work and I'm interested

Given the high power of the characters I suggest to have an rp-thread(during the game) like downtime, when they are not saving the world, I say so because I've (tried to) run 2 epic games and I found difficult to give equal attention to both aspects(the fighting and the rp) both of which are important.
With a downtime rp your superman pc can joke with the flash, while in the story thread they are rolling buckets of dice.
In any case, good luck!

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