High school is the best place to learn how to save the world, right? - Myth-Weavers


High school is the best place to learn how to save the world, right?

High school is the best place to learn how to save the world, right?

I want to run a stupid fun dumb shounen anime battle school game. Hot blooded teens shouting loudly and punching each other in the face for FRIENDSHIP. The question is, what system and what genre?

The "genre" is more about the focus of the school and world. The way I see it, you have a sliding scale of importance for battle schools:

Once the focus is decided we can hash out more about the setting (is it "real" world, fantasy world?) and the game system. I'm open to running Pathfinder, 4e, 5e, d20 modern, 5e modern, or possibly even Godbound or (Rule of Cool) Legend. Whatever the system, the flavor will be very open so IE you could make a "mage" whose primary spell is FIST. Other options are any microlite variant if anyone really wants to push one. I'm not really interested in running M&M even if it ends up being a superhero type game; just not a fan of the number crunch.

If anyone is interested let's get some discussion going

I like #3.

I'm thinking some more along the lines of Keijo (Wait hear me out).

Namely it's basically the equivalent of a football college. It's a school revolving around a type of sport.

However until something like say Yu-gi-oh GX, this sport isn't literally tied into the fabric of reality and used to save the universe. It's just a big name sport or entertainment sort of thing.

(5) and (6) resound with me coz they give a Stranger Things vibe.

For the game system: 5e is the most streamlined and least number-crunchy of your Pathfinder/D&D/d20 options. I have no experience with Godbound to comment on it.

If this is a high school setting, you might consider a classless system like FATE or Savage Worlds.

I call dibs on the history teacher who is inexplicably good at karate for no damn reason!

Number 3 and number 6 resonate the most with me, mostly because I've always been a fan of Ranma but the idea of magical girl/knight anime has also been able to easily catch my interest. As for a system, I would say Pathfinder would be a good idea. Not because it isn't as number-crunchy but because there is a wider variety of classes to choose from.

Honestly, because of the anime flavor involved, I cannot recommend Big Eyes Small Mouth or OVA enough for this. Both are fairly simple, overall - I ran a BESM 3e game for 2 years via PbP many years ago, so it works out just fine. BESM can get a little crunchy during character creation if you let it. FYI, there's also the generic, free version of BESM - Tri Stat dx. I personally like BESM 3e better, but free is free LOL

Alternatively, if you really want something d20, Pathfinder with Spheres of Power/Might may work out alright-ish, given the more flexible nature from the norm of most class-based systems. You'll have a rather large volume of Pathfinder fans jumping on that one, if you do it.

I am interested in any of these, but id like 1 or 6 the most.


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