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Looking for a Pathfinder Game

@Cyber_Goddess I think your ideas and style are pretty great. I applied for your architect game a while back when a slot was still open, and am hoping to get in on the current one you have going. Ive never really tried kingdom building personally, but all three of those ideas sound like they would be interesting.

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
Those are horrible puns. And I know for a fact you know what the term "black sheep" means.
Well, ewe might think so, but I couldn't say.

While it isn’t what you’re looking for exactly, if you wanted to sharpen your Pathfinder combat skills, feel free to step into my arena. All correctly built characters accepted.

I can't make any solid promises, in part because I have limited experience in GM'ing and I work full time, but i have been debating trying to make a world of sorts to use with pathfinder that could include options such as downtime/settlement/kingdom building, or otherwise be used in its standard for general campaigns. I had plans for it in part because I want to practice and learn so I can create more fun with my other friends, but I haven't had any hard press to formulate the plan more.

The other reason for it being slow is I wanted to try and develop some house rules to try and work on some of the 'weak points' of Dnd/Pathfinder, or at least the ones that sometimes cause hiccups. That said, experience in general is still important, so I could half skip those or display the ideas to see what general thoughts are while building the stuff up, and see what looks like it has a lead or otherwise.

If nothing else, I can share my general idea of what I was thinking of to start, you can flex your opinion on it, and if you have potentially helpful notes from your own system building that will help me manifest this into something I can learn with and you can try to have fun with as the player than as the GM, tis an opportunity.

In regards to the house rule things I have been debating, I have been working out things to try and deal with some of the complications of:
  • Skills (and/or points)
  • Feat Tax
  • Item Creation feats and item qualities in general
  • Weapon silliness
  • magic balance (The ye olde 'fighter versus spellcaster pickle) with emphasis of ways to try and help share the magic into non-casters while making it 'make sense' but not stealing spellcaster thunder unless absolutely necessary.

So if i haven't terrified you, I hope I've offered some potential/home/interest/at least discussions to pass the time.


Actually due to me havng trouble taking my DM hat off, I could probably help quite a bit. I'd need to learn more about the setting and such. But my co-operative style very much is a "of the moment" sort of writing.

Well the basic idea of the world is that the world itself is actually very mutable - There is a fog/mist that can cover things up, and in doing so, once it is pushed away, the very land that was there might be quite different from what it was before.

The idea was sort of inspired by Crystal Chronicles for Final Fantasy, though I'm told the idea of a shifting world is in a few other things I hadn't read too (such is life), but rather than a poisonous miasma and dragging a crystal around, this fog actually pushes away from most sentient creatures, and the more that gather in a spot, the further it can be pushed. This lets people colonize spots so their house doesn't vanish in front of their face, but if you understand enough of how the mist works, you can find places you know to exist if you focus correctly.

On the other hand, since no one quite knows why the mist or world works in that way, there are other things that can influence what you find too, from riches to terrors. The idea your imagination can get you killed if you're not careful is a semi-realistic warning to be given if you wander alone near the mist.

I hope that makes sense. I am up early for early shift and still waking up a little. ^^;

It sounds like a bizarre mix of Far Harbor from Fallout 4 combined with the imagination/belief based design of planescape. Throw in some weird Ravenloft too.

It certainly sounds interesting.

Having googled those up to review, I can see where Planescape and Ravenloft have their similar spots, but not sure how Far Harbor got involved. XD

but it's nice it at least sounds interesting.

The basic layout of what I wanted to get together at least was a decent sized city - large, but not the biggest - to act as a starting point, and then there would be a few other kingdoms that 'float about' that are traded or argued with as appropriate. Some forests would be surprisingly mist free for your tree-loving Elves, some mountains and underground bits for Dwarves and such (not sure how the mist deals with the sky and underground yet, admittedly), and there would be some public roads that, having be used consistently enough has markers, help to navigate more commonly accessible places. It should have enough visible terrain that you can pick places to go and 'have a campaign' without having to actually jump into the mist to try and find places that 'don't exist yet' while still making that small risk of dealing with the edges of mist in the territories its own thing..

In short, room to play, but room to explore, depending on the preference desired.

There's a series of books written by (I believe) Gail Z Martin which involve magic becoming wild, as a result storms plague the land eventually swapping things around, bringing strange creatures to places they shouldn't exist in, making magic a little unpredictable, destroying things, but there were certain locations (I think they were points where leylines converged) that were protected for lack of a better explanation. Being underground tended to be safer as more protected from the storms themselves but they could destroy buildings. The books follow the main characters attempts to restore control of magic whilst fighting against other actions who either like the wild magic or want to be the ones in charge when the dust settles.

Not sure if that could be helpful in any way, it just made me think of the storms when reading the above. It also would allow for some Kingdom Building elements and even mass combat...

There are also some optional rules from Unchained to reflect wild magic, fumbling spells, 'attacking' saves instead of rolling saves, etc., here which in my opinion could be an interesting way of balancing some magic elements.

I have many books from the stuff, so I am aware of several of those other things. ^^ Some of them have some viability in some of my ideas for balance, and whatnot, but most of the stuff I was thinking isn't.

As wild magic with leylines and crossing points, there's a similar pattern that happens in the Valdemar series by mercedes Lackey. The Mists aren't quite that violent though, and this is more like finding a complete new place versus 'This land has somehow been switched out and you can see the different level of crusts right here.'


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