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Beneath the Deep Blue Sea

Beneath the Deep Blue Sea - Forum

Welcome to Coralhelm! The major city of the Luxian Sea, Coralhelm is reined over by King Ryder, a Merman and the ruler of the whole Luxian Sea, and all of its people, which happens to include you!

Who are you? A 'sea urchin' living in the lower rim of the city? A noblewoman, gracing the courts of King Ryder while you pursue a relationship with one of his sons? A merchant, hawking pearls and novelties of the surface to those with the money to afford it?

You'll design a resident of the city, write up the backstory, and let the adventure take you where it goes!

Game Description:

Beneath the Deep Blue Sea can best be described as a game of transitions. You'll write up your characters as level 1. We'll run through four short adventures or encounters, leveling up after each, and establishing your connection with the king of the city.

At level 5, we'll have the first major adventure of this campaign. After that, it'll be another intermission of short adventures and encounters to level up until level 10 for another big adventure.

The goal is to get through to level 20 for one final adventure, but we'll see where the road takes us!

Enrolling all year: Come check out Avengers Academy!
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See the forum Anything Paizo, and must be able to live underwater full time.

Application deadline?

There isn't one yet, but I'd like to get this started by the end of February.

Thinking about an Undine Water Singer Bard. Sort of a low born miscreant, who gets by on his wits and smile alone.

Aquan can be understood as normal underwater, so speaking spells aloud won't be effected by being underwater so long as you're water adapted.

As for materials, things that wouldn't survive being underwater can be swapped out for other similar things that would.

Would you consider a summoner if I swapped out the summon monster SLA via archetype? I am thinking of the Spirit Summoner, potentially with the Life spirit to channel energy... Really want an eidolon... There's also the Planar Extremist... I guess I'm just looking to know whether Eidolons are banned.

If you want to play a Summoner feel free to use any archetype you want, as long as it's official Paizo content.

Eidolons aren't banned, as they fall under the 'any official paizo content'.


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