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Recently returned and trying to decide on something to GM

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What Should I Run?
Palladium Fantasy 4 16.00%
Shadowrun 5e 17 68.00%
Fantasy Dark Ages Vampire 10 40.00%

Recently returned and trying to decide on something to GM

So I am thinking about giving PbP another try after a long absence but am having troubling settling on what to run. The options I am currently considering are:

Palladium Fantasy - I know the system is all kinds of messed up but I still sorta love these games. Would make a few minor tweaks to improve playability and character creation. Fairly standard wandering the world finding ancient ruins and various forms of other trouble kind of game.

Shadowrun - 5e, seattle based, with a preference toward at least well meaning runners though still retaining a morally grey world in which the right choice isn't always obvious.

Fantasy Dark Ages Vampire - DAV20 but in a low fantasy non-earth setting. This one would probably take a little longer to get going since I am still working on putting the setting info together, but I think a group of vamps dealing with some wacky d&d type shenanigans could be pretty fun.

I am adding a poll but mostly just so I can rule out anything that no one is interested in, the results won't be the only deciding factor. I am also open to other weird suggestions.

I had this idea the other day:

The PC are all various undead lieutenants/generals of The Whispering Tyrant of Gloarion, fighting back against the Shining Crusade that Taldor launched.

You could run this two different ways: As they are the PCs, and thus the 'good guys', they could be victorious over the Crusade (perhaps defeating General Arnisant before he can attack Tar-Baphon). This would then alter the very history and course of Golarion over several hundred years.

Alternatively, the PCs could be defeated, but not destroyed, and sealed away inside Gallowspire. They could then be freed during the events of Carrion Crown, and assist in releasing the Whispering Tyrant back into the world.

Either option you choose, the outcome would obviously not be set in stone, but the general course of events would be known to you, should the right outcome occur.

Sounds neat lordmonkeysama, but I'm not sure I know golarion well enough to do something like that justice.

Seems like a lot folks around here are interested in SR though. If I do end up running SR I'll probably try to encourage weird stuff, cause I always like a chance to make really out there concepts.

Yeah, wacky good guy shadowrun shenanigans is sounding promising
Though it seems like at least a few people are interested in fantasy D:VA, and that would give me more opportunities for unnecessarily detailed world building which I always enjoy.

Shadowrun would be fantastic, I've been trying to get into it for a while but always stall out at character creation :/

Yeah, making a character is definitely the hardest part of the current edition. I am generally pretty happy to help with creation though if that helps.

The current edition of Chummer 5e char-gen program helps a lot after the brief learning curve to get the basics down. I even have some code in it these days! Lol

I am always down for more Shadowrun games hitting the weave.

Originally Posted by demihappycow View Post
I am also open to other weird suggestions.
Did anyone mention "wanting weird suggestions"?

Bethorm (the newest and cleanest system for Tekumel)
Dragon Warriors
Traveller, with bonus points for using a 3rd party setting, your homebrew included. Hey, we've got a community of Traveller players looking for a game!
Exalted, probably using the FU system (because I wouldn't suggest using the original systems, though if you decide to use one of them, they've got many fans)
Blue Planet
Historical Vikings, Constantinople, or Japan before the age of the samurai (you've got sourcebooks for all of them for Mythras/RQ6)

I can keep them coming, but that should be enough food for thought!

Hmm, I haven't looked at Bethorm at all yet but I might check it out.

I have never gotten a chance to actually play traveler, it has always seemed like a neat game though.

And I do love exalted also and may consider running it at some point. Probably not for my first try back at this though, I like to get elaborate with my Exalted games.

Good suggestions, thanks


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