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Recently returned and trying to decide on something to GM

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What Should I Run?
Palladium Fantasy 4 16.00%
Shadowrun 5e 17 68.00%
Fantasy Dark Ages Vampire 10 40.00%

Originally Posted by demihappycow View Post
Hmm, I haven't looked at Bethorm at all yet but I might check it out.

I have never gotten a chance to actually play traveler, it has always seemed like a neat game though.

And I do love exalted also and may consider running it at some point. Probably not for my first try back at this though, I like to get elaborate with my Exalted games.

Good suggestions, thanks
You're welcome. If you need more, just let me know, I know of a few dozens more!
Also, I like obscure games.

Originally Posted by carnivore View Post
How about a nice RIFTS adventure

He has listed Palladium Fantasy in the poll, aren't those quite similar?

Rifts is always tempting also, but I feel like Palladium Fantasy is a little easier to deal with since characters usually aren't on completely different scales of power at least. Anything palladium is a bit hard though given the weirdness of the mechanics.

Reguarding Shadowrun: 2 questions.

1: Ok, generally white hat game but the world can be morally ambiguous at times. Pink Mohawk or Black Trenchcoat or something else?

2: How open too complete noobie players would you be?

As for other systems to look at, might I suggest FATE? Versatile, simple too learn and free to acquire.

More Pink Mohawk, probably a chance to let folks try out weird concepts and whatnot. I don't mind players who are new to systems.

I am not a big fan of FATE personally. Not like it is a bad game or anything, just not quite in line with my tastes.

If you don't mind a rookie who's interested in setting lore but has basically no mechanical experience and hasn't bought the books on Shadowrun, I think I'd be up for playing if you'd be up dealing with that.

I've got a few concepts I think would be amusing to have in such a game.


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