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Interest Check: FF20

I'm about a thousand percent down for this.

MM: If you're taking questions generally, can I ask about the setting? Is there a particular FF world you'd like to draw from or are you crafting your own in the tradition of the games themselves?

I'd also like to show my support to this endeavor because FFP20 is really cool despite the fact I've rarely had the chance to actually play it

Originally Posted by RdMarquis View Post
Iíve always found time magic to be cool, and I really like their interpretation of the Dancer.
I've always loved Dancer in the games it appeared in. I really love their version of it as well.

Nice to see there's so much appeal. It's one of the many games that looks so fun bit you just never see run due to shortage of GMs.

The recruitment is near completion. I should have it up in a day or two.

The setting is going to be one of the alternate Ivalices of the multiverse, something which is canon as of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, where it is discovered that a calamity shattered Ivalice into numerous alternate worlds/realities eons ago. It is my homebrew take on a lot of mentioned, yet unexplored, locales within the various Ivalices that I have woven into a single, cohesive setting.

The campaign will begin on the continent of Meracydia, which was home to the Warring Triad (Sophia the Goddess, Sephirot the Fiend, and Zurvan the Demon), the dragon gods Tiamat and Bahamut, and other figures of great importance. Meracydia is one of the last few bastions of freedom within Ivalice, with most of the world having been overtaken by the amoral Allaghan Empire, whose magitek armies have conquered over a third of the known world, or the brutal King Argath Thadalfus of Rabanastre, who discovered a powerful auracite stone and has used it's power to summon an army of demons and transform himself into a mighty Lucavi. Quite a bit of the campaign will take place within the confines of the aforementioned nation, but it is a varied enough place where PCs should not feel overly constrained.

Religion is a big facet of life in Meracydia, which is known as the Land of a Thousand Gods, and, although PCs are not required to be of a particular faith, it is definitely as much a part of the setting as Yevon was for Final Fantasy 10. The most popular faith is that of the Warring Triad, which is followed by those of the Eikons, the Pantheon, Zodiac Gods, Dragon Gods, and Occuria.

The Warring Triad is composed of three powerful gods of magic, whose conflicts mirror the conflicts of the natural world and civilization. Sephirot the Fiend is a massive, primordial being of creation, destruction, and everything that is green and grows. Zurvan the Demon is a force of chaos, upheaval, and war who seeks to supplant the other members of the Warring Triad. Sophia the Goddess is the deity of balance, order, and unity and works to both curb Sephirot's primal destructive impulses and halt the disorder and chaos spread by Zurvan. The Warring Triad's worship is deeply entrenched in Meracydian culture and is undoubtedly the most prevalent.

The Eikons, which are also known as Espers or Eidolons, are also worshipped by most of the population. They are too numerous to list here, but they will be listed in the actual recruitment. All of the Eikons are worshipped to some degree, with Eikons such as Alexander, Ramuh, and Shiva having more robust followings and others, such as Good King Moggle Mog XII and Diablos, having tiny followings. The Eikons are often prayed to even by those who are not particularly devout, much in the way Greek gods were placated when their gifts or mercy were being requested. The Avatars called by Summoners and summon materia are the literal puppet avatars of the Eikons.

The Pantheon is a collection of gods worshipped by the Humes, Elvaan, Lalafell, Roegadayn, Mi'qote, and Au Ra. The faith is much more common outside of Meracydia, but it has a sizable enough following due to the massive influx of immigrants. The Pantheon are the gods from FF14's setting that are selectable upon creating a character. More information on them can be found on the FF wiki if people are interested in learning more before I post the recruitment.

The Zodiac Gods number thirteen and were all servants of the Occuria who defied their masters. They were all cast down and punished for their temerity. The Zodiac Gods are as they were represented in Final Fantasy XII, with Zodiark being the thirteenth. Few worship the Zodiac Gods, but those who do normally worship Ultima the High Seraph and are staunch enemies of the Occuria, who they view as nothing more than tyrants that must be cast down if mortals and gods alike are to be free.

The Dragon Gods, whose cult is unnaturally powerful despite being quite small, also has a following in Meracydia. They are worshipped as a pantheon, with Midgardsormr at the head and his most powerful children Bahamut, Tiamat, Hraesvalgr, and Nidhogg beneath him. Bahamut, through an unknown means, became an Eikon and is also worshipped as an Eikon.

Virtually unheard of in Meracydia is the worship of the Occuria, the mysterious beings spoken of in legends as being the creators of Ivalice. Those few who know of them suspect they may have a hand in Argath Thadalfus's conquest, given that they are primarily known to work through intermediaries that they gift with powerful magicite. This means that, of those who do know of the Occuria, there is no small amount of suspicion leveled against the Occuria and their worshippers.

PCs can be from any of the nations in the setting if they want, which I will have a full list of, but they will need to have a reason to be in Meracydia. Whether a Meracydian native, a refugee from one of the fallen nations, a deserter from the Allaghan or Rabanastran armies, or an explorer from one of the other free nations of Ivalice, the setting allows for all manner of backgrounds.

Most races found in any of the various Ivalices will be present in the setting, which covers a sizable chunk of the FFd20 SRD's races, albeit with a few small refluffings (The Mithra and Mi'qote are functionally the same race, for instance). There are also three new races that are native to Meracydia that were introduced through FF14's lore: an Aasimar-like race created from normal humanoids blessed by Sophia, with skin like polished obsidian and eyes and hair of a faintly luminescent gold color; a Treant-like race that worships Sephirot and lives in harmony with nature; and a warmongering Centaur-like race that is zealously devoted to Zurvan. These will be statted up and have some general fluff listed.

Materia will be featured in the setting and will follow the lore of FF14, meaning that any materia found is crystallized aether. Materia can form in areas with high concentrations of aether or from the passing of beings whose souls were particularly powerful. There are a few classes of new items that can be used to socket materia, those being Bangles and Charms. Bangles are worn around the wrist or ankles and can draw energy from materia as any of the listed ways on the SRD but weapons. Charms are typically wrapped around either weapons or one's wrist and can draw energy from materia in any of the listed ways on the SRD but armor. Both have their own magic item slot and some come enchanted with their own special properties in addition to being able to channel the power of materia.

I will be allowing the Sub Jobs rules from the SRD. Sub Jobs are basically gestalt-lite and were specifically designed for FFd20. PCs will be allowed to occasionally retrain Subclasses, but their main class cannot be retrained.

Hero Points will also be implemented. In addition to the normal options for Hero Points, you may also spend three hero points to activate a Limit Break at any time.

I take it that's all enough to whet people's appetite for information until tomorrow or the day after?

I take it that's all enough to whet people's appetite for information until tomorrow or the day after?
Our eternal hunger is satiated, for now. Plus it looks really interesting, as well as being an excuse to delve into the lore if final fantasy again, which counts as good for me

That sounds really interesting! I was thinking about the Soldier archetype, but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with a way to tell a similar backstory with what's been provided.

Originally Posted by Merilan
That sounds really interesting! I was thinking about the Soldier archetype, but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with a way to tell a similar backstory with what's been provided.
The Allaghan Empire had a program very similar to SOLDIER that involved infusing people with pure aether to make them superhuman. It's the same process that their successors in FF14, the Garlean Empire, used to make individuals such as Regula van Hydrus superhuman and, later down the road, alterations were made for it's use in the Resonant program. A deserter from the Empire having such an infusion is not so far-fetched. So there is your in-setting lore if you need it.

I've always wanted to play FFd20 cause I love FF, but I've never joined a game. I'll have to try and apply for this when it goes live.


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