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Interest Check: FF20

Originally Posted by Lordmonkeysama View Post
What are you and Aexnidaral leaning towards playing, barring potential character creations that might alter builds??

I've skimmed the core and base classes, which is just hyping me up even more for a potential FF game.
Im a sucker for food themed anime and FFIX was one of my favorite games so seeing Primal Blue Mage like Quina Quen or the Culinarian Chemist makes me want to mess around with one of those two.

Originally Posted by Merilan View Post
Hmm, I haven't thought about Subjobs myself... I did want to try the Soldier archetype out though. A gunblade-wielding Beatrix sounds really cool though!
Been tracking this thread for a while--really looking forward to building an application for it (or both games!). There's some cool options available--Samurai/MesmeristGambler or Monk/White Mage could be very entertaining.

I think I’m also going to wait to hear more about the campaigns, but I’ve been thinking about the Bard and Dancer. Also, the Time Mage variants. Since we’re using Subjobs, I could combine two of those.

After doing some rethinking about how long this setting is taking to perfect, since it is still not to my liking because anything completely homebrew for me must be near-perfect or I can't justify using it, and after replaying Final Fantasy 9 again, I had an epiphany: why not use Final Fantasy 9's Gaia? The ending of that game, while it did change the world in some ways, mostly left it intact. It also has one of the largest collections of playable races in any Final Fantasy game, all the jobs fit in the setting, and it is one of the richest of the Final Fantasy settings with lore and flavor. After some lore-digging, I finally have something near-completion, barring maps and the actual campaign tab.

My final decision is Final Fantasy 9's world set ten years after the events of the game. All the events in the ending are assumed to have happened, including that one really sad one... FF9 players know what I'm talking about. I won't elaborate more for the sake of people who, for whatever reason, have not seen the ending. There will be spoilers in the actual recruitment and game though since those events contain vital world information.

As far as races, Hume, Moogle, Burmecian, Genome, Qu, and Goblin are all legal choices from the SRD. Black Mage Dolls and a few other races not on the SRD have been recreated with similar power levels. Because of the limitations on races, racial archetypes that do not rely on racial traits are legal for all races to take.

@TheUnthinker: Would you like me to get the preliminary interest check up or would you rather wait until I have the retooled world map and other goodies ready to post in the campaign section?

I'd certainly be up for an FF9-themed game! I probably would have to shift from the Soldier concept, but I'm sure I can find something I like!

Of course, that's not the only good news. MusoMaiden has stated that the FF8 campaign will be ready around the 14th. So there should be two FFd20 campaigns opening up within the next week's time, one for fans of the older Final Fantasy feel and one for fans of the more modern Final Fantasy feel.

Originally Posted by Materia Mage View Post
@TheUnthinker: Would you like me to get the preliminary interest check up or would you rather wait until I have the retooled world map and other goodies ready to post in the campaign section?
Oh that is entirely up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally though it looks like you'll have plenty of interest whenever you decide to put it up, so if you wanted to focus on just getting the campaign stuff you need straightened out and posted that works for me. Super looking forward to it though, as I said FFIX was by far one of my favorites so Im over the moon. hah

Admittedly know less about FF9 than about some of the others, but I'm still very interested when this game comes here, and it sounds like a great change if it helps your creative juices


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