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5E Sunless Citadel, with possible continuation

5E Sunless Citadel, with possible continuation

Hi. I'm checking for interest in the Sunless Citadel adventure for D&D 5E. I'm looking to take 4-5 characters of 1st level and take them up to 3rd level by the end of the adventure.

For those who don't know (and I'd really prefer players with a "fresh" perspective on this), this is a traditional exploration/combat adventure in a dungeon-type setting. While the adventure is written to be biased toward exploration and combat, there is always room for roleplaying and creative solutions.

If the adventuring party clicks, I'm also planning to take the surviving characters (stats, equipment, acquired treasure and all) into the Curse of Strahd adventure, so they'd start that game at 3rd level, and they'd probably end up at 12th-15th level by its conclusion, depending on their in-game choices. I'm thinking that, between these two adventures, there'd be about a year or two of gaming if we can keep up my expected post rate of 3-5 posts per week.

I'm definitely in. Have a gnome wizard ready to go from a different application, just been waiting for another opportunity! Haven't played either of the above mentioned adventures either.

Oh, I would love that for sure! I haven't had a chance to play Sunless Citadel, because my IRL group isn't interested since they played the original. Playing into CoS would be icing on the cake, since that one sounds fantastic.

Absolutely interested. I am in a CoS now at first level, but I am sure it is largely different form the typical CoS, but I have never played SC

I'd like to come in, if it all works out. I've started playing CoS a couple of times. Both times, the opening scenario was rather abrupt, and I always thought - this is weird, why do we get misted-away exactly? Seems like a transition into CoS from another adventure might be a good set-up.
So, anyway - count me interested!

Cool! Thanks for the interest, y'all. I'm prepping the Game Forum now, maybe post the ad in a few days.


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