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Savage Rifts (Visitation)

Savage Rifts (Visitation)

A bit of Nostalgia hit recently with the introduction of Image Comic's Die, the Birthday of the D&D Cartoon and the weirdness of Stranger Things. I am looking for a Savage Rifts game in the vein of the old D&D cartoon, and books like Alice in Wonderland, An American Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Anime like Dual, El Hazard etc.

With Rifts being an almost perfect instrument for transportation and with a wide open option for Iconic Rifts characters and a huge open catalogue of Savage Worlds and Palladium for other character concepts.

Of course all of this would need a GM.

I'm more than happy to jump on a Savage Worlds game! I haven't played Rifts before but I think I get the concept. It sounds cool being able to move between worlds. Some variety is always good.

Be happy to play. Rather like the SW Rifts version.

Oh. Didn't realise this was a cry for a GM. I don't know the setting well enough to GM something sorry, but would be great to play.

If a Savage Worlds game is started, I'm game. It's been a while since I've played Savage Worlds. And Rifts? I love it for the sheer openness of character options.

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