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Interest Check for Adeptus Mechanicus game

Interest Check for Adeptus Mechanicus game

Hello y'all,

I'm interested in running an Adeptus Mechanicus game. This could either be in Dark Heresy 1st edition or in Only War via house ruling in the new table top Admech army. The latter will be using the following as a starting point: https://community.fantasyflightgames...only-skitarii/


I would be interested in playing this if you ran it. I personally prefer OW to DH1 rules wise.

Sounds pretty boss.

It would probably be easier to get everyone on the same page, Ad-Mech wise, by creating an OW regiment, but that system is overly concerned with combat. DH might be a better fit overall, if you just have the acolytes report to a Magos instead of an Inquisitor.

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Yes. Very much yes. Better use something more refined then DH1 for system, though.

Omnissiah be praised, brothers, and the Emperor bless this effort. I'll need to find my books, but I'd love to join in.

Hate to be 'that guy', I normally frown upon 'that guy', but I think DH2E would work better for an Adeptus Mechanicus even by limiting Background to Adeptus Mechanicus. It pretty much throws the Elite Advances out the window, but beyond that it works pretty well in my opinion.

That said, Shield of Humanity has The Crimson Guard as a regiment; from what I've read they seem to be more powerful than the Skitarii with an integrated las weapon that is powered by their potentia coil.

Admech game, why yes do colour me interested.
What flavor are you considering? Agents dealing with heretechs, political enemies and pesky imperials sticking their noses where they dont belong, magi/retinue out on the quest for knowledge? If etc etc

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