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Which Settings Interest You? (You can pick more than one)
The Necropolis (PF) 20 35.09%
Octopath Traveler (PF) 8 14.04%
Senran Kagura: High School Shinobi (PF) 9 15.79%
The Last Year (PF or SF) 13 22.81%
The World of Atloren - Isekai (PF) 13 22.81%
The Accursed (PF) 11 19.30%
Dead Gods Awaken Once More (PF) 27 47.37%
Knights in the Damned Kingdom of Avareign (PF) 18 31.58%
Intergalactic Bounty Hunters (SF) 20 35.09%
Timesplitters: NO FATE (SF) 3 5.26%

I admit, I'm disappointed the one option I have no interest in is winning

Originally Posted by Archon Valeris View Post
@TheFred: The Damned Kingdom of Avareign wasn't intended to be zany, although it may at first appear that way. It is certainly different, I will give you that much. The idea was first proposed to me by someone I know on Discord, the one who first pointed me here in fact. I loved the idea a lot and decided to include it on the list. It's just interesting looking at what would happen if a former chivalric society was flipped on it's head after being worn down by disaster after disaster and dragged into the depths of Hell by those looking to save it.
Yeah, "zany" was probably not quite the right word... I think it's more just the unusualness of the setting that is making me think that, it's kind of a subversion of a lot of tropes (I love the description of the tournaments and fiendish ladies and nightmare knights) and feels like it has something in common with those sorts of so-called black comedies which aren't actually all that comical but are maybe a bit tonally ambiguous? I dunno, kind of hard to describe the image it conjures up (which may indeed be different to what you have in mind anyway ) but it's something like that. Either way it seems pretty cool.

I'm not sure that it's more cool than The Last Year or The Accursed, though.

When I opened this thread+poll combo, I placed a week-long deadline on the poll because I expected a more leisurely influx of votes and interest. Boy was I ever so wrong! I will leave it open for another 24 hours just to see if interest levels drastically change, but I think there is a clear winner.

Now, for those who like some of the other ideas, I did promise on my original interest check that there would be two games I run, so if Dead Gods Awaken Once More wins, don't feel as if your chances for one of the others is completely dead. Whatever game I decide to run next will come after I wrap up the first recruitment and get the game set to a comfortable pace so as to not overwhelm myself, but there will indeed be another game at some point down the road.

Let me give a little more info on Dead Gods Awaken Once More since it is the frontrunner. There is no point in going too deep with the information just yet, so here are some tidbits. I'm not putting in this in any particular order.

The setting I have made is a homebrew one. Because the PCs will have been dead for thousands of years and untold catastrophes occurred when each one passed from the world, it will be very little like they remember it. In fact, only the barest sliver of anything even remotely recognizable will be present in the nations that descended from those they once knew. Learning about the new world in the midst of all the problems is going to be part of the fun in and of itself.

PCs will have to describe their Dominion or their former home among the planes. They will have complete freedom to describe it as they wish. Each will be greatly changed since they last set foot there, but they will be the most recognizable things to the PCs later down the road and can be reclaimed.

The game will begin with PCs awakening within their sarcophogi in the Mausoleum of Gods from their eons-long slumber. After getting their bearings, meeting their fellows and such, they will meet a certain figure who will give them some guidance and point them on their way out. Escaping the Mausoleum of Gods, however, is not going to be an easy task in and of itself, as it was built to prevent others from being able to defile the corpses of the divine dead.

The PCs and their fellow gods were once known as the Pantheon and, despite their bickering and conflicts from time to time, they kept the multiverse in order. The Pantheon was headed by Ehzaria, the most ancient and powerful of the gods of the multiverse said to be the daughter of the Creator. There were also three beings that each god poured part of their essence into at the behest of Ehzaria who were to serve the Pantheon as a whole and were known as the Three. The first and oldest of these beings was Uziahl, Bringer of Judgement. He was the instrument of the gods that enforced their will and brought ruin to those who earned their wrath and those who threatened the multiverse itself. He was a proud, noble being who took his grave duties seriously. The second of the Three was Elsanna, Oracle of Truth. She was gifted with the ability to see all that was and all that ever would be. As cold and honest as fate itself, she impartially served as the eyes and ears of the gods. The last of these creations was Arkatia, Voice of the Gods. She was charged with conveying the word of the Pantheon and and handing down their miracles. She was the most pure and innocent of the Three and found joy in helping the creations of the Pantheon and doting on her deific "parents".

The Thirteen Great Evils were abominations that should have never existed. Each was a corruption spawned, knowingly or unknowingly, by members of the Pantheon. I will purposefully leave their backgrounds open in case PCs want to tie their character to them in some way. Some of the Thirteen: Anaxim the Steel Apocalypse, Chichimec the Mad Wind, Morphaeos the Devourer of Dreams, Hecatoncheires the Many, Ihlusern the Infernal One, Phaethon the Flame of Ruin, Phane the Timeshorn, Xixecal the Frozen, Quol'shoss the Unspeakable Deep, and Aravoss the Tree of Black Mana. The most heinous, and piteous, of the Thirteen are known as the Neverborn Twins, the undead children that tore their way from their slain mother Ehzaria's womb after her murder by He of Eternal Darkness, the mad traitor god who was slain and had his name stripped from all record of creation. These stillborn children of the Mother Goddess lashed out at creation in a pain and sorrow-fueled rampage that saw entire planes rent asunder and numerous gods (not necessarily your characters) slain until they were at last pacified and sealed, the last and most dangerous of the Thirteen to be put in their prison.

Character advancement in this game is going to be tricky business, as it always is with high-end games. Mythic and post-20th-level advancement will both take place, in addition to the usual gear upgrades. Gear upgrades in this game are going to be primarily through artifacts though, not just crappy little magic items. You might find the Unvowed Spear, the spear made from the bones of the Titan of Chaos whose blade can slice through force and bleeds a mist that induces battle madness or the Armor of the Earth that is coaxed from the world itself to grow upon and shield the god with the power of stone and plant alike or even the Heart of Darkness, the literal heart of the traitor god with power over the undead that can create waves of obliviating energy that can blast all life in the vicinity (including the user, if not careful) away to black dust that scatters on the faintest wind. PCs will start with no gear at first but what they can find in the Mausoleum from the Font of Offering, where the gear from fools slain invading the Mausoleum is gathered. To simulate what you find there, you will be given an amount of pre-game gold to "spend" on gear, which is found in the aforementioned stash. All of it will be obsolete once the campaign reaches a certain point, but the gimmick is necessary to explain away why you don't have world-ending artifacts at the campaign's start.

To prevent as many mistakes as possible during character creation, and to save myself a lot of time trying to figure out if a character is completely legal, I am going to be providing everyone in the thread with a chart to fill in that explains what they gained at every level despite having never leveled up in the traditional sense. Players can engage in some ridiculous games if they are assumed to just build from 20th level as opposed to having to account for each level.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that each PC can speak a language that goes beyond even True Speech. Every being can understand this language and it can have certain powers at convergences of energy. This language, which I am just going to call the Astral Tongue, is exclusive to the Pantheon and a few blessed individuals in the world.

Can't wait to see the ad go up! Presuming it wins of course! I'm

Is it bad that I'm so hyped for Dead Gods to hopefully win, that I've started very basic work on a concept? lol

@Archon Valeris,

Would you be okay with us suggesting rules and asking about 3pp material approval now, or would rather we wait till official recruitment is posted??

I dunno... Intergalactic Bounty Hunters is coming up fast! Why no love for The Last Year or Damned Kingdom?

Here's hoping the dead gods doesn't get dethroned...they've already lost their godhood, also losing the game to reclaim said godhood would be too great a blow...

Originally Posted by Atewi View Post
I admit, I'm disappointed the one option I have no interest in is winning
It has the word 'gods' in it, and promises to be mythic+ level. Of course it's going to be the most popular option. That said, I feel your pain. Among the handful I voted for, the one I was most interested in is one of the least likely to end up being selected.

Honestly, Mythic + L20 + gestalt feels [in some ways] like a bit of a turn-off for me... I'm very much split, because I do tend to like creating such powerful characters just for the fun of it in its own right, but Pathfinder (like 3.5 before it) basically doesn't function properly at that stage.

And, story-wise, that kind of thing is actually pretty darned cool in terms of scope and general awesome, but how does it compare with the depth of something more nuanced or the melancholia of, say, E6 dead gods who are gradually losing their Mythic powers?

It one of those things where on paper it sounds awesome but in real life... actually it would probably still be awesome, but I suspect that it reads better than it plays, in practice. Also come on, look at The Last Year! Mind you, Damned Kingdom looks to be coming up fast on Dead Gods' heels...


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