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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Well okay, I see your point about the orc having different color skin. What about height then? Do you want orcs and half-orcs to be the same height? Of course you can explain that happening, but I would think for simplicity's sake it would be easier if the stereotypical orc was shorter.

Anyway, enough of that, great update you guys! I loved the wildland write-ups. They're very alive. Excellent work on Forntol Ryator. Great artwork Farland!

Yeah, the orcs will be shorter.

Hey, fellow dice freaks! It's time for an update. This is another themed update. Just as Wizards had their year of the drow, this is a month of the drow... Farland style. This month we have:
  • A spotlight on drow elves.
  • The origin of the drow.
  • Art of a female drow.
  • A spell, Soul Transference.
  • A drow prestige class, the Spellbinder.
  • A monster, the Drasp.

This update was the combined work of Chunky, Squeak, Valanduil, and me.

Check out the update here:

Hope you like it, and game on!

cool. I need to get off my lazy ass and submit more.

Very cool!!! Seems like it was SO long ago that we had done those though!!!

Damn, guys!! A stellar update yet again, and it's freakin' huge! You've all outdone yourselves yet again!

Sorry for the delayed response (I realize we are already half way to the next update.) Just wanted to say this is great!!! You all do some incredible work. Glad to be a part of Farland.

Hey, gamer boys and girls! It's update time. This is another themed update: it's all about orcs and goblinoids. This month we have:
  • A spotlight on dark folk, including origins.
  • New art of a goblin, kobold, hobgoblin, and oluk.
  • New art of a dark folk racial height chart.
  • A new prestige class, the Worg Rider.
  • New drugs used by the dark folk.

This update was the combined work of the Farland staff: ryator, Squeak, Valanduil, and me, with consultation by Galadwen.

Check out the update here:

Hope you like it, and keep those dice rolling!

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