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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Time for this month's update. Its theme is Forntol, and it is great. We bring you:
  • Spotlight on the City of Sal'Baran.
  • New fiction, "Rogues to Riches."
  • A write-up on an original Farland race, the Hilken

Check it out here:

Thanks to Agricolus and ryator for their excellent work on the update.

Happy gaming!

It's update time. Its theme is Big Bad Evil guys, and it is stellar. We bring you:
  • The Dreaded Dweller in the Wintervale.
  • Three pieces of artwork, depicting the Dweller.
  • The Lord of Anger, the captain of the Lords of Sin.
  • A new epic spell, Winter.
  • A redone map of the town of Kenby.

Check it out here:

Thanks to our own SpaXe, uberDice, Alynnalizza, and heruca, who produced artwork for the update, and thanks to Valanduil and Squeak for consultation.

Game on!


There won't be an update this month. The staff is deeply embroiled in a massive project-- moving the site and totally changing it to a cool new format.

Next month we'll roll out the new site plus this month's update, so that'll give you something to look forward to.

It's update time. This is a great update. We bring you:
  • A new bard ability, Bardic Combat.
  • A new PC race, the Half-Oluk Orc.
  • Spotlight on the Spire of Bestra in Forntol
  • A revamp of the entire website.

Check it out here:

Thanks to our own Agricolus for the Spire of Bestra.

Now roll those dice!

Time for another update, and it's quality. We bring you:
  • A spotlight on the dwarf fortress of Walin's Cap in Forntol.
  • Two new feats, Quickstep and Studied Sneak Attack.
  • A new magic item, the Mattock of Mining.

Check it out here:

Thanks to our own Valanduil for the Quickstep feat and especially to Agricolus for Walin's Cap.

Now game on!

It's update time! Whoo-hoo! We give you:
  • New goblin and kobold racial names
  • A new spell, Memory Spectacle
  • New art of a spywing.

Check it out here:

Thanks to our own Squeak for the names and the cool spell and thanks to SpaXe for the awesome art.

Now roll them bones!

It's that time again. For November's update, we bring you:
  • Hobgoblin racial names
  • A healing herb, White Mint
  • New art of a lizard folk shaman.

Check it out here:

Thanks to SpaXe for the spectacular art.

Now let's game!

It's time for the December update. Here's what we've got for you this month:
  • New fiction, "A King's Decision"
  • A redone map of Dragonspur City
  • A new magic item, the Lantern of the Four Winds

Check it out here:

Thanks to our own Wonder Woman for the map, to Avi (and Squeak) for the magic item, and to Agricolus for the fiction.

Now roll them bones!

Nice map, Wonder Woman! Hey Far, think she can make sense of my CAD map of Haigrog? I think I've done all I can to make it look more like it was drawn by Haigroganites, but it still can use some touches here and there.

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