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The 10000 Post Club


Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
How'd you find this?
Site Tools->Member List->Search Members->Advanced Search->Set Post Count to 10000 or greater.

My Google (and other Searches) Fu is STRONG!

I also got 188 by simply ranking the member list by post count, knowing there are 30 members per page and seeing 10,000 post counts go 8 names into page 7. But your method is quicker.

Funny though, I would have figured a bit closer to 300.

Huh. I didn't know there was a club for this! Looks like I'm slot #68 by post count, about to overtake (or probably recently overtaken by) QuirkyJoe. Holy COW, that guy is involved in a lot of games! And it looks like he got >17k posts in about a year and a half.

I'm at 17,474.

My fact: speaking of neurology, you can distinguish between essential tremor and Parkinsons disease by when the tremor occurs. If you shake during action, it is probably ES. If you shake while at rest, it may be Parkinson's.


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