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Book of Mis-spells


A dental sorcerer's #1 spell of choice for shiny white teeth. Transmutes a beam of light into a toothpick for dental hygiene.

Oooh's Shiny Times!

Oooh's Rhymey Times!

"What a playful little chant! To stop your rhyming now you can't!"
You can't stop rhyming, which makes it a tad bit difficult to cast the right spells.

Mighty Guard

Nighty Guard

Target has an overnight protective lower half undergarment, specifically designed to catch any embarrassing night time leaks. Any such leakage which occurs vanishes upon waking, along with the protective undergarment.

Bones of Stone

Burn out Stone

A stone that the target touch is now on fire. This spell is permanent until user find a counter spell

Echidna Mark

Check The Selection
Google Translate (English -> Yiddish -> Sindhi -> Norwegian -> Japanese -> Greek -> Croatian -> English)

Use this spell on a selection of similar objects, and the best object glows brightly. Great for picking the juiciest apple on the tree.

Long-Distance Uppercut

Shore yew ken

Target succeeds at their next action, regardless of difficulty. However, they are stuck using the most horrendous faux-Scottish accent ever heard.

Animate Broom


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