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What's that Movie!?

Originally Posted by DannyTorrance View Post
Remains of the Day?
Closer than Anna Karenina, but sadly too far. Incorrect.


New rule maybe - after so many days or guesses the OP must add another image or hint?

Originally Posted by Braknurr View Post
Your call.

It's not Quest for Fire is it?
Sorry it is not Quest for Fire. Incorrect.

I will post another image within 24 hours and see if that rings a bell for all of you.

It has been a long time since I saw that movie.

Yor: Hunter from the Future!!!

Wait, wait, wait...are you sure those aren't from "Remains of the Day"? I could swear that's Anthony Hopkins.

Originally Posted by stormcracker View Post
it has been a long time since i saw that movie.

yor: Hunter from the future!!!

Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Could we perhaps avoid putting obscure prehistoric B movies that no one under the age of thirty has ever seen?


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