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What's that Movie!?

Originally Posted by Shadowhawck View Post
Think it has more to do with Interesting or Integral characters being in the clue or landmark scenes.

Anyways here is mine.

He kinda looks like the guy on the poster for Outpost 2

Yeah was going to post one, but then things came up.

And Tenaka is close enough to correct for me to give it. It is indeed the guy from the Outpost 2 poster, but the movie is

The Outpost

Which would have been the natural progression anyways. So your post Tenaka

Close, very funny, but not quite. Hmm, maybe I should give some hints, its a British movie made in 1982.

Originally Posted by DannyTorrance View Post
OK, here's one of my favorites (although somewhat obscure and difficult to find these days)...
Easy! Closet Land!

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