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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. Unfortunately, you no longer know the lyrics to any songs. To make matters worse, you are forced to communicate entirely through song, but as you no longer know any lyrics you are wholly incapable of communicating.

I wish I could write the songs that make the whole world sing.

Granted. But the truism that awful equals popular applies. And your songs are at LEAST twice as bad as "Friday". The very act of creating them gives you radiation poisoning.

I wish people had good taste in art.

Granted, all around the world connoisseurs begin sampling art, and within a few years almost all great art has been nibbled down to the frame at upper crust gatherings.

I wish for a hearty meal to fill my stomach.

Granted, it fills your stomach because your stomach acids cannot break it down. Eventually you have to undergo surgery to cut the hearty meal from your stomach.

I wish I had a Brusters extra think strawberry milkshake

Granted. It's so thick that you can't drink or eat it. It forever sits there, taunting you with its goodness.

I wish I was divorced from Brittany Spears cuz, you know - half the money. No pre-nup, yo.

Granted. But her lawyers destroy you in court, hounding you with lawsuits for years, leaving you penniless and paying her alimony for killing her carrier.

I wish there was a complete universal language that one could use to express accurately and precisely with no misunderstandings anything that can be expressed in any language currently existing on earth between people by more then 100 000 of them,with every human being currently alive above the age of three knowing how to speak and write it perfectly.

Granted, now everyone has the ability to insult each other more reliably. The world changes little.

I wish this wish doesn't come true.

Granted. It gets corrupted. And therefor- it doesn't truly come true as you intended it to come true. And yet still mostly comes true. Therefor- your wish is both true and untrue at the same time. It then leaves you and moves to Austria. Where it shares an apartment with a certain famous feline.

I wish word paradoxes worked the same way as classic WoD Paradox.

Granted. You are drowned under the inertia of 6 billions gallons of belief.

I wish I fully understood the rules for Dangerous Journeys.

Granted. You understand the rules, but nobody else ever does and lose interest in the game entirely.

I wish I could understand the information of a book just by touching it.

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