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Best Character Quotes- now with 50% less context!

"Are you going to eat that?"

"The Kobold?"


"I go full on Carl the llama on this city."


"You threw the Avatar of Void in to the void and called the problem solved... Good job, gold star!"


"Please, sir, you have to let us in to the city! They are after this gnome's lucky charms!"


"Lose fifty experience."

*character holds up a
With 0 ranks in Craft (Taxidermy)
taxidermied dragon head and comatose teammate*

"Hey look, kids, it's the George and Banjo show!"

*begins to
Again, with no ranks
perform puppet show*

robot doctor: "The captain requires no immediate invasive procedures. Fortunately many should soon perish or at least require invasive treatment themselves. I have detected a command bug nearby having a neurological effect on the captain. Shall I run my celebratory routine?"

"Most definitely"

"If I catch you stealing from me, I will be performing surgery on you WITHOUT the knockout drug."

"Can I study this corpse?"

Yeah my Cleric was a little bit crazy.

"I just survived closing a deal with a dragon, do you really think I care about what some idiot with an assault rifle is going to do?"

Zenya, the party Healer, patted her brother's shoulder and shook her head at the Demon wizard they had just rescued. "Sorry, you'll have to excuse the Ranger. He's just never been the same since we ran into those Mephits."

Upon hearing the word Mephits, Lucius began shaking uncontrollably and looking around fearfully. "Mephits? Mephits!?! WHERE!?! OH GOD THEY'VE COME FOR THE REST OF MY SPLEEN!!!"

"I don't care if he's dead, he peed on me!" The party bard trying to deface the corpse of the town drunk after he (the drunk) was killed in a dragon attack.

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