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Book of Mis-spells

Audrey: Summons a mean green mother from outer space.

Sticks to Snakes

Stick to Snakes: All surfaces within the area of effect, including living creatures, become adhesive to snakes and snake-like creatures. Treat affected surfaces as though coated in Sovereign Glue for purposes of ophidian adhesion.

Horrid Wilting.

Foaming Sword: This spell summons to the caster's hand a sword made of wobbly foam. On successful attack, the sword deals 1 point of nonlethal damage and proceeds to spray its target with copious amounts of soapy foam for 1 round, dealing no damage but leaving them oh so squeaky clean.

Beacon of Luck

Please stand by, just got ninja'd.

Beacon of Lock: You conjure a brightly shining ball of light.
Within the light's radius, any doors, chests, boxes, windows, bags, bottles, pouches, barrels, other containers, and et-cetera, become impossible to open.


Nth Raul: Summons a particular Raul from the hemidemisemiplane where Rauls spawn. Spell fails if only m Rauls are in existence on the plane at the time.


Detect Maverick: Use of this spell allows the caster to locate a lost cow/calf or determine when next Maverick will air on TV.


We Shh: Forces all people within 50 feet to simultaneously say Shh.. Great when at the movies and that guy on the phone wont stop talking.

Evard's Black Tentacles

Evard's Back Tentacles: Causes squidlike tentacles to erupt out of your back; gives you 10(!) tentacle attacks and grants a swim speed equal to your land speed in water.

Form of Doom.


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