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What's that Videogame?

What's that Videogame?

Since the "What's that Movie" thread is so successful (and because I can't guess a movie there to save my life) I figure opening a thread that's similar but based on video games would be more suitable for people like me on this forum.

You know the rules. A person posts an image, then people try to guess what game it's from, then the person who guesses right posts an image from another videogame.

Also try to keep within forum rules, you know what not to post.

Anyway! First image!

That kind of looks like Global Thermo-Nuclear War from Wargames. Did they spin that game off from the movie?




Nope, not Global Thermo-Nuclear War. Although the company that made this game, did make a spin off similar to it.

pandemic! I spent so much time playing that game! and failing! especially failing!

Again, not sure about the name.

we have to mention which one it is?


Damn penguin, always foiling my plots. . .


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