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Word Morphing

Word Morphing

Not sure how well this will work, but it's worth a shot. One person starts with a word, and people keep posting words, changing only one letter at a time, and with it remaining a valid word the whole time, until we get to a target word. When you get to the target word, post a new target word (of the same length of course), and we carry on. If you make it the opposite of the current word, it adds a bit of fun.
As an example:
CATS (target CAST)
CARS (target CAST)
CART (target CAST)
CAST (target EGGS)
and so on...

Strange words are encouraged, but keep them English. Keep posting the target, so we know what it is. And try to avoid backtracking (though it may be needed at times).
I'll start, going with four letters because that's supposed to be fairly easy.

WARM (target COOL)



New word.

HAIL. Target: BLUE

...Whew. Either this one is much more difficult, or I'm not very good at this. Took me 17 moves to do it myself.

TAIL. Target: BLUE


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