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RanDUMB Encounters

(revives ancient thread)

They can roll their eye at you for 1d10 damage.

Centaur of Attention: Vain creatures always expecting everyone to constantly admire them.

Centaurs of Attention have an aura of fear on them at all time, making it difficult to gain the attention they so desire.

The Lesser Bantersnatch. The Lesser Bantersnatch can forcibly engage its prey in a social conflict of quips and jests

The Lesser Banter snatch has a really bad effect in that after a while it will eventually attract a conversation troll.

Grave night Bard. This is a bard who can only tell the most gravely serious stories at night.

Grave Night Bards have amnesia and forget the ending.

Poisonous Fog. Poisonous Fog, often found near swamplands, slowly asphyxiates its victims.

Poisonous Fog is produced when beans and cabbages are planted in swamplands.

Owlbares. Owlbares are identical to owls, but have no feathers.

Owlbares often get laughed at and run away embarassed.

Zoombies. Zoombies were an experiment of what happened when zombies are brought to life with lightning, giving them perpetual haste.

Zoombies move so fast, their appendages just fall off them... they can only move 40 feet before being completely de-limbed.

Momma Spagh Yeti A Momma Spagh Yeti vomits its poisonous bile on your sweater already... dealing poison and cold damage

The damage is that it actually dyes your sweater poison green and cold blue.

Angry Treant. Angry Treant stomps out of it's hiding spot towards you, an intruder in it's grove.

Unfortunately, the Angry Treant always managed to light itself on fire before the combat starts.

Hounds of Tinderlos. Hounds of Tinderlos are known for their deadly left and right swipes.


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