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Cool stuff. I went Paladin - with Rogue Hero Power. Got one Ethereal Peddler... hope I can get some non-Rogue Class Cards in hand.

Cool. Didn't get to the Peddler, but tripped mage / warlock (they got a little click - hero power happy) Mirror Image with 2 cost 1,1 discover kid. Who gave me DK Uther. First weapon charge with my one minion left finished things.

I had 'only' drafted one Rallying Blade and one Truesilver Champion (sword). Kept the Truesilver in opening hand, going first. Of course I see the Rallying Blade show up. Still, with Rogue hero power and lots of two cost minions, had a good opening. And got lucky to get a finisher off discover.

6 wins. Tied my personal best from the other free run time. (Technically was 7 wins, but they gave us one to start with in that.)

Pretty good deck, pretty fun. I really don't like being patient. If I didn't get an early lead / curve out well. Area of effect and patient folks holding to play things after they play something - got me. Oh well. I did beat the double Volcano person. Overal - good stuff. And 75 gold means that annoying 5 gold I've had since last times is gone ('till next week probably). And 50 dust and a 40 dust Frozen Throne pack. A pleasant Hallow's Eve run. (some amusing 'costumes' on the Heroes as well.

Ya, it gives the package for just finishing a game. I lost my first game and still got a pack. I beat him with all 3 to make sure. Nothing more. All good, interesting stuff. All pirates, double spell if have mana for, and... whatever the other passive hero power was were different. Headless was a bit of a challenge each time. Had some good stuff in it.

Got Nemsy.
Phone died before I could play vs 3rd person there, and was at a park - no plugs that worked for charger. But got in a 3 V 3 Brawl at a Tavern for pigtails gal who looks a but like my nearly 2 year old when she's in pigtails. Good times. Few more games to level 60 rogue and will have all the basic goldens. Meta bugs me at times. DK Priest and Jade Druid are too stout and still too stout. But I do mostly enjoy it.

Ya. The McDonalds was a better spot. I was at one at a McDonald's a few weeks ago. But was just first, fireside. And I missed their 2nd as a Tavern the next week.

Super cool you plan to go to blizzcon

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