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PFS 9-01 The Cost of Enlightenment

PFS 9-01 The Cost of Enlightenment

Adventure Background
A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-5.

The Qadiran city of Qaharid is famous for its turquoise mines and fine pottery, yet it is also the center of worship for the monks of the White Feather. Most recently, the cult of Roidira has identified Qaharid as a pilgrimage city, and the once innocuous cultists have begun exhibiting truly strange behaviors. Society contacts recognize these actions as a sign that the Roidirans have uncovered some extraordinary secret in the wilderness nearby, and it fall to the PCs to speak with witnesses and track down the cult's discovery.

Player Expectations
I'd like people to include their stat block at the end of their post, along with any active buffs they have up.
Posting should be every day. Real life happens, I won't sweat it if you don't post sometimes. But PbP can quickly slow down if it happens a lot. If you don't post, generally I'll ask another player to pick an action for you, but I might do that myself, or just have you delay. Generally I won't have you walk down the corridor using your feet as trap detectors.

This will run during slot 2 of Gameday 6, so kick off in early October.

If this is going to be a problem for you, please reconsider joining this Muster and waiting for a game with a different play style.
All players are expected to abide by the house rules and GM expectations specified here, as well as the Site Rules and the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Mustered Pathfinders
  1. Peff (Druid 2)
  2. TheSuperDodo (Cavalier 1)
  3. mortakai (Oracle 1)
  4. Qstor (Rogue 2)
  5. noozoo (Inquisitor 3 or Rogue 1)
  6. Prospero (Alchemist 2)

Put me down for a spot. Probably an investigator, but could be a Ranger. Lvl 4 or 5. If this ends up being a low tier table, I could go with lvl 2 Rogue.

Joining in with Thalassoro Nassalis, Nagaji Cavalier (first mother's fang) 1
PFS# 221942-12
Player Registry Thread
Character Sheet

Please tell me if anything is amiss, this is my first time joining a Mythweavers PFS game.

I have a Wizard but he's level 5. Looks too high for the group.

How about Jove, who is a Gnome Inquisitor 3?
PFS Number 43868-4


I'm not starting this until slot 2 of the gameday which begins on October 6th. I'm already running 2 games, so I don't want to start another one yet.

FYI I'll be away from the evening of Oct 5 till the evening of the 7th. I should be able to post on the 8th.

If this is too late for starting the game, let me know and I'll bow out.


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