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Mordae's GM Rescue Society

If there's anyone out there itching to run the Iron Gods adventure path, and is looking for a ready-made party, we have one for you right here:

Our GM has, unfortunately, suffered from what seems to be an attack of real life, and hasn't been seen since mid-March. We've got four PCs still interested in continuing (a 5th dropped out due to life circumstances before our GM disappeared), but none of us feel like we can competently take on DMing duties at this time. As of this point, our party has been assembled and introduced to one another, and we've finished the first combat encounter.

If anyone's interested, it would be appreciated.

Shadowrun: Firewatch Looking for GM

Hey everyone. I'm here again. We had success with finding a new GM through this Rescue Society, but our GM disappeared for a month. We've got four solid players with four PC's fraught with backstory and GM hooks, all of whom have joined the elite Ares Firewatch team.

We've got a former drug and augmentation addicted hacker now Awakened as a tech adept trying her best to keep clean in an environment where every extra edge counts, a Celtic mage and son of a disgraced Tir na nOg noble with a hero complex, a straight-laced party girl and corporate loyalist, and a one-eyed soldier struggling to keep her PTSD in check and raise her son. Not your typical "Shadowrunner" crew, but this is more of a white hat game from the other side of the fence. Obviously, if the GM would rather a slight retweaking, we're all happy to do so, definitely willing to work with a GM willing to see this through.

We're a story-heavy group, dedicated to strong RP and a solid team dynamic. If you'd like to check it out, it's right here. We'd love to have a GM either continue the game or, since we haven't had our first run yet, start from scratch.

Thanks for your time.

I'd like permission to 'rescue' this homebrew game & content. I'm up late meandering the weave and all its vastness, was googling Star Wars and came across it.

I've been tinkering with the idea of a Realm Folded Cantina for SWSE, and I think I might maybe want to use this homebrew, that is sad, alone and abandoned but I'm interested in what I've read so far (and I bet it'd get a lot of interest in it from its sad and abandoned players and characters).

If I don't need to request this, cool, just wanted to double check.


Our GM for the game Anima Beyond Fantasy: Shadow War has unfortunately been gone for almost a month. I intend to continue the game for the time being and I was wonder if I could be given GM privileges?


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