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This week in video games...

Since the talk about FE:Echoes was recent:

Swiggity swoot, Imma coming for that skeleton's loot.

That is amazing. The only thing that would be better is if it showed him running past the other skeletons on the battlefield.

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
Fallout 4 wouldn't run on my PC.

*Drowns her sorrows with New Vegas*
That's probably a good thing. You can keep playing the best Fallout game instead of one of the worst.

Originally Posted by Flinch View Post
That's probably a good thing. You can keep playing the best Fallout game instead of one of the worst.
Yeah, yeah, True to Caesar and all that.

I even had a bunch of mods lined up to try. And I really wanted to build some Settlements.

Pretty good really.
Enemy design is pretty bleh, but the earliest enemies, Mimics, are a pretty clever thing, and work well.

There are some fairly clever elements, like the glue gun or recycling charges, that keep it from being a standard "shoot things with guns" FPS.

The plot is pretty basic, and I haven't really run into any NPC's yet, but then I'm not that far into the game yet (been so busy lately).

The Audio logs (not what they call it, but call a spade a spade), do do a good job of giving personality to NPC's you mostly run into as corpses or occasionally enemies.

Over all, not amazing, but solid and polished, and really feels like an modern version of System Shock 2. Big shoes to fill, and there's been more than a few who have tried. Prey gets the closest aesthetically, if only it had a little more in the way of storytelling quality and impact.

Do they do anything fun with gravity/perspective like the original Prey did? Or with organic tech?

That's a damn shame. Magic Native American aside, the original Prey was a very interesting game and I hate to see it get left in the dust like that.


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