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Prelude: Siege of Morgrath the Miklah Incident

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Prelude: Siege of Morgrath the Miklah Incident

Homebrew Classless PF Survival Sandbox - Forum

Greetings, this is a prelude to a campaign I tried running in the past, but life got in the way. I was inspired to create a character that was split between my world and another, hence Miklah was born. I have fit him into my game world and the urge to just thrust him into play as an NPC in my game world has taken over. This game will be an adventure path set in which the players who play this game are servants of the crown of a massive Dwarven Empire that is using scouts and spies to keep track of what lies far south of them in what was once the ruins of their former sister empire Toreurkral. Below the Dhalrang mountains lies flat land that runs South to the coast. Stretching deep underground the empire of Toreurkral recently fell to dark powers and Undead.

This is a Classless Pathfinder adventure, in which use of my v3.1 Classless Hack of the PF1 system will be in play. I shall take the most fitting app's for my theme that I have running here, which is outlined in the Game Description. The goal is to be the forward scouts, the specialist spies of the empire of Dwarves who are Lawful Neutral and just coming off a war that spanned the last thousand years and has yet to conclude. War weary, resources stretched thin, your people are not ready for a war on another front. The task is yours to seize the initiative to prevent this, if you can.

Your goals:

1: Find out what Dulnit heard, the shrieking, roar, thumping and the thrumming. All 4 things are important to understand for intelligence for the throne.
2: If hostile, report at once, then employ a delaying tactic to slow an invasion at all costs.
3: If not hostile, seek to ally source of noise.
4: If friendly, gather information and seek to secure mutually beneficial alliance.

This ad was born of late night St. Patties Day fueled inspiration, and hence, is a WIP and there are likely errors. We'll get serious moving forward, once I get my Survival Sandbox settled.

I misclicked the game forum to attach to, my apologies folks. is what you want, not what is listed above in the upper left for the game forum. The shame. Womp womp.

Game Description:

Greetings, it's been a while due to life and family. However, I am looking to get a game started and rather than keep it secret on my discord server, I shall offer it here for a change. I've been busy doing system design and I'm putting a pin in that for a bit as interest was mentioned of me running my classless hack again on my server recently. Some might be familiar like my veterans that have played in previous games with it, but others likely aren't aware of what this is. So before I delve into the game info:

My classless hack of pathfinder is an XP buy for *everything* instead of just pick a class and level up gaining what the PF charts tell you. I give you XP to spend to buy attributes, I give you XP to buy Hit Dice, BAB, Saves, Skills, abilities like Weapon Specialization or an Animal Companion or Smite, and you design your own spells within a seed based system I've created. This requires a bit more forethought, planning, and self control in order to create a character than standard PF to avoid spreading your character too thin to survive, so if you are interested and require help, just ask myself or one of my veterans. I've restricted class options that I pulled from for my sanity, I do this on my own without a team I pay and converting every single thing within the PF source list would take a team of underlings to assist me. Therefore, those interested will need to pay attention to sources I allow.

Game Concept

Life thrives along the Dragonfall river far south of the Dhalrang Mountains. All manner of species thrive on both sides of the river, and it has become a region of interest in recent years for many of the nobles to the North. Attempts to colonize the region in any significant way has failed, miserably as the locals are not Human, and tend to see Human interlopers as food. The Dragonfall runs through the Southern end of the continent with the large swath of land being dubbed simply "The Badlands" by outsiders for the hostile environment dominated by Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and all manner of creatures. Even so, the Duke Chester Manfield has come to power at the ripe age of 15 after his fathers passing and has ordered the colonization of the river as a way to expand his power base and make a name for himself.

The call has gone out in which to gather any brave souls willing to risk the dangers of the Badlands and venture south to claim territory for the Duke. Any interested shall be given 1000 gold crowns to equip themselves for the voyage south in order to clear away all manner of undesirables and claim land for the Duke.

Play style

Sandbox tactical RPG focusing on teamwork and survival. You will be far from your country and therefore supply lines and power base of your lord. There's potential for you to work for your lord and gain rewards, or to go rogue, turn bandit by turning on him. You could go native, and carve out a kingdom of your own within the region if it suits you. I will utilize a number of maps procured via Maphammer's patreon to plan encounters, as well as some randomly generated dungeons in case folks decide to buck the plot and look for long lost treasure within a dungeon. I will however, plan on restricting movement to remain within the starting region unless I notify my players I am lifting this restriction. So while a sandbox game, the sandbox is not infinite.


I shall run this game here, on Myth-Weavers play by post style. I shall link maps via my google drive that I take via screenshots of Fantasy Grounds which I shall use to manage all tokens and maps and my NPC's. Hence my rolls will be done within FG and "Behind the DM screen" as it were. I offer folks the option to use the sidekick bot on my Discord server for dice rolls if they would prefer an alternative method of rolling from the website here, as long as it is done in the #Sandboxrolls channel specifically and copy/pasted into your post with timestamp.

Hacking PF on no sleep. Interested in a Classless version of Pathfinder with new magic system and action economy tied to Dex instead of BAB? PM for details.

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