Katie Jewel - Brawler/Cleaner

Katie Jewel
Brawler/Cleaner/Lover of Music
Theme Song: Phantom of the Opera

OverviewName: Katie Jewel
Gender: Female
Race: Human Devil Fruit User
Age: 25
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 100 kg
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Current Occupations: Pirate/Muscle/Cleaner
Former Occupations: Low Ranking Marine Officer/Head Chore Boy
Theme: Not-so Gentle Giant


Ability (46)


Sleight of HandXDEXXX


Powers & Advantages
Ancient Zoan Lizard Fruit, Model: Kaiju

Name of Power Group

Advantages (11)
When you make an all-out attack you can take a penalty of up to –5 on your active defenses (Dodge and Parry) and add the same number (up to +5) to your attack bonus.
All-out Attack
When you make a defensive attack, you can take a penalty of up to –5 on your attack bonus and add the same number (up to +5) to both your active defenses (Dodge and Parry)
Defensive Attack
Increase your critical threat range with a particular attack (chosen when you acquire this advantage) by 1, allowing you to score a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20. Only a natural 20 is an automatic hit, however, and an attack that misses is not a critical. Each additional rank applies to a different attack or increases your threat range with an existing attack by one more, to a maximum threat range of 16-20 with 4 ranks.
Improved Critical 4 (Unarmed)
When you make a power attack you can take a penalty of up to –5 on your attack bonus and add the same number (up to +5) to the effect bonus of your attack.
Power Attack
If you render a minion incapacitated with an attack, you get an immediate extra attack as a free action against another minion within range and adjacent to the previous target’s location. The extra attack is with the same attack and bonus as the first. You can continue using this advantage until you miss or there are no more minions within range of your attack or your last target.

A second rank in this advantage allows you to attack nonadjacent minion targets, moving between attacks if necessary to do so. You cannot move more than your total speed in the round, regardless of the number of attacks you make. You stop attacking once you miss, run out of movement, or there are no more minions within range of your attack.
If you successfully grab and restrain an opponent, you can apply a chokehold, causing your opponent to begin suffocating for as long as you continue to restrain your target.
When you hit with an unarmed attack you can immediately make a grab check against that opponent as a free action. Your unarmed attack inflicts its normal damage and counts as the initial attack check required to grab your opponent.
Fast Grab
You can make grab attacks with only one arm, leaving the other free. You can also maintain the grab while using your other hand to perform actions. You are not vulnerable while grabbing.
Improved Grab


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