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Fritjof Jarlson

Fritjof Jarlson

Fritjof Jarlson
Stats: Edge 1, Iron 3, Heart 2, Shadow 2, Wits 1
Health: +5
Spirit: +5
Supply: +5 +4
Momentum: +2 +3 (+2/+10)
Experience: 0/0

Bonds: [3] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Jarl Baldrson - The Overseer of Narrone and my narrow-minded father
Narrone - The village of my birth, and the home which I will rule one day in addition to future conquests
real name is Hrbiǫrn Kollrson but everyone calls him by his nickname, pronounced Yoten, literally meaning 'giant'
- My very own loyal giant who acts as both friend and bodyguard, while take the place of the brains he was born without

I will rule more of this new world and be greater than my father ever was - Extreme
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

I will see the mission to Jorvik through (to open trade) and not misuse the supplies for naught else! - Dangerous
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Debilities: None

Raven (Nii) - Sly: When you Secure an Advantage or Face Danger +shadow using your raven to perform trickery (such as creating a distraction or stealing a small object) add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.
Duelist - If you wield a bladed weapon in each hand...When you Clash or Strike, you may add +2. If you do (decide before rolling), inflict +1 harm on a strong hit and count a weak hit as a miss.
Trickster - When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Compel by lying, bluffing, stealing, or cheating, add +1.

Equipment: my grandfather's fine sword and quality armor,
long Viking dagger
saex, handaxe, shield, rations, and traveling gear; trade supplies.

Story: very much wip
Times have been tough in Narrone, and the long winter was harsh. Still, being the Overseer's son, Fritjof had a more privileged upbringing than the rest. Perhaps that's why he was so ambitious and conniving, or was his wild passion from
'mother' in the Iron tongue
mir? Either way, his charm, courage and deception has landed him in hot water with the overseer on a number of occasions. He was forced by
'father' in the Iron tongue
fair to swear a vow to join this journey to Jorvik, though in truth he was eager to go. More to follow...

Fritjof in the context of Our People
We are few in number now. Most of our people rarely have contact with anyone outside our own small steading, and strangers are viewed with deep suspicion. Our village has some yearly contact with Torstvedt, a steading to the south along the coast, and Jorvik, a steading inland to the west.
Fritjof has only been to Torsvedt once. He was 10, but even so he was fascinated by the dealings his father had with the people of the other steading. The use of strength and friendship, aggression and accommodation; trading for what was needed, getting your way but without battle or bloodshed. It was a game that he didn't yet know he wanted to play, but watched and learned what he could.

Our communiy has its own leader, called an overseer. The people choose a new overseer only when circumstances demand. Our village has had the same overseer for nearly 20 years. And his father was overseer before him. Some overseers wear the iron circlet reluctantly, while others thirst for power. Ours, well, it is hard to say which he is.
For Fritjof, it's easy to distinguish - he thirsts for power like a man without water 3 days at sea. He takes himself very seriously. His father would often goad him during childhood as a form of Ironborn education. Because of his father and grandfather's position of power and authority within the steading, Fritjof sees himself as a cut above, and fully intends to inherit the mantle when his turn comes - if he can wait that long. Any perceived slight or offense to his self-image, or his heritage, sticks in his craw and must be avenged; even if it is served ice cold.

Here in the Ironlands, supplies are too precious and the lands are too sparsely populated to support organized fighting forces. When our community is threatened, the people stand together to protect their own.
The first time they came, Fritjof was terrified. He tried to hide but one of them found him. It would have had him if not for Nidi. The raven swooped at the beast, distracting it long enough for the young boy to find his spark of courage, grab his knife and strike. The thrill, the trickery and the blood excited him. From that day, Fritjof developed a taste for conflict. Not the careful planning and wits of tracking unsuspecting prey, but violent confrontation of fear. Iron, courage and cunning. That's why few things hold Fritjof's interest like the affairs of men and fighting.

Some still find comfort in the old gods and the old ways. They call on mystics and the wise women, to divine the fortune of their newborn, or ask them to perform rituals to invoke protection from winter. But there are some who think that the frozen mist was a punishment from the true gods, the gods of this new land. They think that the only way to prevent winter from returning is to reject the old ways and embrace the worship of the new gods of the Ironlands.
Fritjof believes that the old gods are dead and that only the new ones are relevant to the new world. He's certain that Nidi was sent to him by the gods of the Ironlands, and was
Nidi means dark one, but also new moon or waning moon
named in part to honor them. Whenever he is faced with a difficult circumstance or decision, he consults with the mystic of the steading; they have a close relationship with the new gods. When fadir informed him that he would be required to undertake this journey, he consulted this mystic friend who strongly encouraged him to acquiesce. He was told that it was fortuitous, that the gods would favor him if he went and swore an iron vow; it was his fate.

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