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Character Creation

Character Creation

This will use my Classless Hack of Pathfinder 1; Version 3.1, which you can find here:

We shall start at 10th level. I shall be handing you the capability of creating powerful characters for what comes to be deep underground on this adventure of redemption or rebellion. This is not a sandbox, but a driven adventure that is wrapped up in a prelude of a larger story that has yet to be told and may be run after this finishes. Given this, you will have a set amount of XP to earn within this adventure, with a task of: "The Redemption, Capture, or Kill of Miklah". Given this task, we are expanding the chart of progression for our heroes beyond my norm. Due to the plot and setting, I must restrict race options however. With this in mind, the rundown:

Race: Dwarf, Half-Elemental (Earth) Dwarf, Custom Dwarf, Earth Elemental, Half (Silver) Dragon Dwarf, Silver Dragon

HD Cap: 10th
XP: 497 (Includes Point Buy, spend what you will on Point Buy)
Sources: If it's not listed on my hack sheet or here, It's not allowed. KISS
3.5 Options: Races of Stone, Dragon Magic, Draconomicon, Races of the Dragon, Libris Mortis, Completes, Heroes of Battle, MIC
[B][U] House rules: Dodge and Mobility are bound into 1 singular feat; Follow Feat Tax on 1st tab of Classless Hack v3.1; Choice: Iron will *or* Great Fortitude for all characters.
Companions, Familiars, Eidolans, Mounts, Teleporting, Pets: These are banned for sanity sake with the game for reasons I have in mind for a followup and plot. #plotarmor
Wealth: 62,000 gp

Oops: I'm still going from st-patricks day so I reserve the right to edit when actually sober, you know, in the future.

Silver dragon conversions:

If someone wants to play a silver dragon, we are doing a KISS conversion setup with the following:

Wyrmling: Stat's used
XP Cost: 135 for Race; 362 for PT Buy and everything else

Very Young: Stat's used:
XP Cost: 215 for Race; 282 PT Buy and everything else

Young: Stat's used:
XP Cost: 275 for race; 227 for PT Buy and everything else


Half-Silver Dragon template:
XP Cost: 49 XP

Half-Elemental (Earth) Dwarf:
Attributes: +4 Str, -2 Dex, +6 Con, -2 Int, +6 Wis, -2 Cha
RP Traits: Outsider (Native) [3 RP], Large + Reach [8 RP], Slam attack [1 RP], Relentless [1 RP], Hardy [3 RP], DR 10/ Magic and Lawful [8 RP], Natural Armor +6 [2 from Large; 5 RP for +4], Slow (30 ft speed)[-1 RP],
XP Cost: 35 XP

Everyone applying to this game: Please put permissions on the thread so that everyone can see your character *except* the following names: Serakhawk and Lestrange.

If you need to redo your thread for this, or help with it, let me know.

In case this wasn't clear from the description: The theme of this game is Dwarves vs Undead. This is a short prelude game in which case the party will level once before being wrapped up and I move onto the meat and bones of the true game in the future which your game will set the tone for. So prepare to cope with hordes of undead.

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