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Handout Number 1A - All Players Read

Hmmm the only thing of benefit would be either a dagger or the elven chain mail. Also if there's a spell component pouch lying around somewhere that would be marvelous.

Lich could indeed use the Staff of the Adder as an arcane focus. Between that and a holy symbol in his quarters, he should at least be set for casting spells. Now to just find a spellbook

In terms of armor, Lich is indeed also limited to light and medium, but since he can be effective from longer range, he'll leave the Elven Chain to those who have a more immediate need.

Since nobody's eyeing the Javelin, Kite will take it. She can use it with her Hex Warrior ability and have a mini-Lightning Bolt in a pinch.

Alright, by my reckoning:

Staff of the Adder (DMG) : Claimed by Lich
Adamantine Chain Mail (Basic Rules)
Javelin Of Lightning (Basic Rules) : Claimed by Kite
Mithral Plate Mail (Basic Rules)
Dagger of Venom (Basic Rules) : Claimed by Slash
Elven Chain (Basic Rules) : Claimed by Lock


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