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Photo Upload Issues

Photo Upload Issues

Uploaded one photo, now it keeps refusing any more uploads, saying upload rejected..

@Burning Spear Try clearing your cache as the first step, see if that fixes it. Let me know if the problem persists.

I'm on my tablet, no idea how to clear it's cache..

Originally Posted by Burning Spear View Post
I'm on my tablet, no idea how to clear it's cache..
It's done through your internet browser, Burning Spear. Which do you use?

In Chrome, you click the three vertical dots on the top right to enter the menu. From there, you go to History -> Clear Browsing Data (on the left) -> Check the "Cached Images and Files" check box -> Clear Data.

Doing some Google'ing on your browser of choice, if it's not Chrome, should lead you to your specific answer.

I'm not sure I want to clear all my passwords etc

Clearing your cache won't delete your saved passwords--it will make certain sites load a bit more slowly the first time you visit them afterward since you don't have stuff pre-loaded on your computer (the cache). But otherwise it has a very low impact on your user experience.

Cleared my cache, upload 2 pics, all fine, then try to upload more, and again same problem

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