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Seeking Warriors of Great Valor: For Honor

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Seeking Warriors of Great Valor: For Honor

For Honor - Forum
Warrior,Rogue & Mage

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

Seeking 5-7 dedicated players who can post twice daily. I will Update the game at 12:00PM PST and periodically throughout the day.

This is a game for the more martially inclined characters. If you want to be in the face of your enemy, bathing in their blood as you gain honor and glory, look no further. This is the game for you. Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.

The Free Rules Here - get all of them

You will be Cantrefi, landed freeborn, in a fantasy land loosely based on Medieval Wales. Very Loosely. Don't let the setting limit your choice, if somehow you're a samurai or a ninja - not a problem. Bear in mind, I plan on having mass engagements though - so choosing to play an assassin is a very high risk profession. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

In a world torn by endless war, will you rise above the tide of steel and blood and rise a champion? Or die like so many pretenders?

A few expectations:
Expect to miss a lot, or even on a hit simply not damage your enemy. I wanted to capture the very real essence of why maille clad warriors ruled on the battlefield. I want to know how you recover from failure - it is what makes a hero. When a 1 is rolled its not that you're incompetent, you simply misjudged your strike, or conversely where outplayed. This needs to be a theme, because you as heroes in this game, are vastly superior to the average bandit.

Expect to fail forward. You will most likely die from exhaustion, or infection, not combat. It should be attrition that makes you fear for death - not combat. Luck is a tragic killer.

Magic is evil, period. If you are a magic user, so are you, or you're at least succumbing to darkness. This isn't a ban on magic - its a role playing limitation.

As always, my games have a 0 tolerance policy for bullying.

Deus Vult!

Game Description:

Honor, is great victory, honor is great respect. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, and the enemy of our way. We are the Children of The Dragon, and combat is in our blood. Eight Hundred Years has our nation lasted, when Arthur of Earth came and settled our land. He turned the soil by hand, and fed it the blood of his enemies. Not one of us breathes who is not of his seed. Ours is the Land of Heroes.

An uninterrupted dynasty has carried our people to great distances, and in ages past our empire was vast. But, times change, conquest, famine, disease, our once bountiful lands withered and died. The Dragon, wounded, slept for centuries. Our cousins in the North Forgot their lineage, rejected our bloodties and alliance, and rebelled. Seceding from us they have been isolated, neither an enemy nor ally, but a rival.

The centuries withered our empire, and the Sea Kings conquered vast regions of The Isles. From the sands of time two enemies were forged. To the far south, another dragon arose, a golden wyrm, it is a distant threat, but no less a constant threat. Their cousins to our East, the Kingdom of Meers, a place of foul sorcery. Their king a tyrant and dictator.

Yet, it was only a generation ago, that their coalition came to crush our kingdom. When, we united under one banner, in Roderick's name, and fought the Meersian and Golden Dragons they brought to our land. When we were further divided by our capitulation.

Our land, divided between three brothers. Roth, the first born, a magnificent warrior. Mervyn, the second born, though they are separate by a mountain the closest ally to our people - though most would declare them our vassal. And finally the Hill people, under the Traitor Baldrick. We must unite our peoples, facing the threat of invasion from Meers this will be no simple task.

You, are the Cantrefi. The Land Owners. Law makers. Captains of our nations Industry, and closest confidants of the king. Roth has called upon you to bring order to the rebellious populace, who in the wake of Baldrick's betrayal seek to usurp the power of the throne. Funded straight from the gold minted in the royal coffers, Baldrick's influence was immediate, and severe. Brother killing brother, and blood flowed like rivers in the streets.

After six years of conflict, the rebellion has broken. All that remains now is to drive them into the sea. Baldrick has retreated to his citadel in the hills, castrated but for his remaining companions.

Yet, in this victory, an old threat reaches from the shadows. Demanding land settled by your people, under threat of war. Our enemy did not lie dormant while our civil war raged. And only by luck and vicious bloodshed were we able to pull our nation together from the ashes. Will the Dragon Rise anew? Or be crushed in the tide of time? That answer depends on you.

I let the blade do the talking...
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
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I'm packing g for vacation, but if I get time ill have an app in by Friday or Saturday.... Sooner if I can while my wife is driving might have it in tomorrow.


Still have room for 1 more you get first draft pick.

i'll look at the materials Joms, and build an app,
even if you pick one of the earlier submissions, I don't mind sitting on the list for next spot

What, do you need in the party?
or rather, very much not need more of?

Originally Posted by Sweegy One View Post

What, do you need in the party?
or rather, very much not need more of?
Any role you choose is fine. So far no one made a "rogue" but thats fine I wasn't planning on many clandestine ops.

Play what is interesting to you.


Then I shall be the smart, stealthy, creative solutions one.

Suits me to a T

Originally Posted by Sweegy One View Post

Then I shall be the smart, stealthy, creative solutions one.

Suits me to a T
Hurray! Usually that's my role in traditional d20 games.

Does Rogue, or Scholar cover "talking your way out of/not provoking needless battles"?

I'm sure there would be enough necessary ones anyway. No need to waste our forces.

I will happily attempt to Persuade some helpless fools, not to throw away their lives under our blades and spears and hooves.


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