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What's that Movie!?

Ugh. Just watched this movie the other day. Cant remember the title tho. Lame! Russian avengers knockoff?

@drezdock for the close enough! It is the Russian Avengers, called Guardians. It's pretty terrible and oddly awesome at the same time. You can see they so much wanted it to be the Avengers, and you can watch how it fails miserably every single time. It's sort of amazing. And very terrible. I highly recommend it, once (it's on Prime at the moment.)

Completely fair description. It goes so hard for awesome that when it trips and faceplants (often), it still breaks through into kinda awesome anyhow. The plot is absurd, many of the actors can't, the CGI is not so much dated as incompetent, rumor has it the original Russian dialog is little better than the awful English translation and so many more failures, but it has a werebear with a minigun and you can forgive a lot for that. Also, some of the best use of speed/teleporting (it's not entirely clear) since certain X movies and probably the most unique uses of geokinesis ever (not a high bar, true, but still...)

That bear is pretty much the movie's signature. Pity they don't get better use out of him, but what they do get is worth a lot.

Alright, I shamelessly confess that I have not gone through all 1162 pages, so please forgive me for any potential duplicates...
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