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Welcome to the world of Dedradus! A post apocalyptic world steeped in magic, constant power struggles, politics, and buried secrets. That is not to say that this game will focus on all of these, though they are likely to come up from time to time. In a world where your status is determined partially by your strength of arm or control over magical energies it is difficult to avoid such situations. Duels are a common occurrence, though they rarely end in the death of one of the participants.

This game will focus on the story of a small group of friends as they move into adulthood, leaving their homes behind to see more of the world. There will be quite a bit of power growth as you progress in levels, more so than your average Pathfinder game. Some of this growth will be controlled by the player but there will also be some elements beyond player control and primarily related to story. If this lack of complete control does not appeal to you then I recommend skipping over this game advertisement.

This is my first attempt at creating and running a homebrew game, I have only ever run premade Paizo adventures. Potential players will need to keep this in mind, as you will be pretty much beta testers. With that in mind I would welcome feedback as the game progresses. If the players aren't enjoying a certain rule-set or aspect of the story then we can make changes, as the most important thing is that everyone is enjoying it.

Tone and Elements

The game itself will have its lighthearted moments but also has a serious tone throughout. There are points in the story it will even turn a bit grim, though that is later in the story. Early on in the game there will be little actual combat that has any consequences, but that changes once you finish your college courses. The way I have it planned now is pretty balanced between exploration, role-play, combat, puzzles, dungeon delves, etc, though one may be more prominent than the others at any given time. There is also the possibility of nation building at higher levels if that interests players. I am debating whether or not to hand out the Leadership feat for free after a certain point in the story.


There will be an introductory story before the game actually kicks off. The selected players are already acquainted, whether already friends, related by blood, or simply friends of a friend. Each of you have spent much of your childhood, or all of it, living within the small city of Tovia. Your characters should all be between ten and fifteen years of age at this point. You grab nets and fishing poles, intending on visiting a nearby river that cuts through the forest to the northwest. There is no combat involved and is only really in place to provide important story elements that will become important later. The most dangerous creatures in the forest are deer, and that is mostly during the mating season. You do not even need any stats other than your initiative. I don't want to give any more than that lest I ruin any surprises.

The Game

Six years after the introduction you are shipped off to Ilisia, Academy of the Arcane. The name is a little misleading, as anyone can attend, not just those proficient with magic. In fact, it is required that those reaching adulthood graduate from one of the colleges that dot Astium. The reason for this is manyfold. First and foremost, in a world where everyone (almost) can reach out and grasp magic nearly from birth, there is the constant fear of magic running out of control by those that do not understand what they are tampering with. The colleges teach the basics of control and understanding your limits.

The school also teaches general education and martial combat. Some of the individuals coming to the school may have already had some manner of education under their belt, but they tend to be from the rich or powerful (the sons or daughters of nobles, rich merchants, high ranking government officials, etc). If you come from a common background then your only education likely came from your parents. Once you graduate from Ilisia (or any of the colleges) you are given a small brooch imbued with magic and is unique to both the individual and the college. Most wear this brooch openly somewhere upon their person. Not only does it mark you as a "learned" adult, it allows you access to more of what Astium has to offer. For example: Some vendors will not sell goods to those that do not have their "mark" in plain sight. You might not be allowed in certain establishments or districts of the larger cities.

Furthermore, the colleges act as scouting agencies for the government and military. Those that show promise are commonly recruited into one of the five military devisions. It is every little boys, or girls, dream to one day become a member. Granted, there is no such thing as war since Astium is the only nation known to exist. The military serves other purposes. In order to graduate you will be given three tasks to complete, which are different every year. Once these three tasks are finished you will be given your "mark" and free to return home, or go wherever you wish.

Game Description:

If this game catches your interest then I would recommend that you look through the forum at the setting information and character creation rules. There are a few key facts and rules in both sections that will be relevant when creating a character. Again, I ask that any potential player be patient and understanding that this is my first time running a homebrew game or this setting in particular. Things may change mid game as certain rules do or don't work. Keeping things fun for everyone, or at least the majority, comes first.

I'll be recruiting 4-5 players.

I will keep the application process up for a couple weeks but may extend or close early depending on interest. I'll currently set it for 6/14/2019.

I might be missing something, please feel free to point it out as I am new here.

Definitely interested, nice to see something going for something very different. Quick question, do we just put Applications in the Character Creation Folder?

does sound interesting

color me intrigued

Originally Posted by STARPREDATOR25 View Post
Definitely interested...seems like the perfect setting to try out a Magus
lol, I was thinking the same thing. But so many options could be good...


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