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Wizards of Dragonspur

Wizards of Dragonspur - Forum

In this game, I am looking for 5 Wizards (with some multiclassing available if you want, but within limits). This is a game where you will be trying to think and act like a wizard. Your challenges will be challenges designed for wizards. It will be a game where you will be expected to out-think and outwit your opponents.

Please read the modifications to things like the races.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

Game Description:

Welcome young one. Welcome to the Court High Mage's College. Yes, many of you call it the Battlemage's college, but this place's name is officially the Court High Mage's College and you'd do well to remember it since you will be staying here for the next few years. It is all good that you have passed your entrance exams, though to be honest, I'm not sure how some of you did it. Be that as it may, you five have been selected for a very special job. What is that job? Well, we will tell you in good time. Now, let's recite the Dragonspur Army oath and we can get on to your instruction novices.

This game is based in Farland campaign setting 10 years after the Liberation (10 P.L.) timeline wise. Please review all the material. For those looking for something light, this is probably not for you. There will be light-hearted moments, but this is a campaign where the risks are big and so are the rewards. The campaign looks to take you through your "academic" career at the High Mage's College and then outward after that.

Please note, I would prefer player's use mostly core unless it is introduced to you through some other method (discovered through the campaign).

This sounds really interesting, and definitely outside of the usual box. Definitely consider me interested. If only it were easy to decide what kind of wizard to play! I'm thinking possibly shadowcaster, or possibly a clocksmith.

Time to read up on the Farland setting.

Do you prefer applications here, or via private message?
Do you have any restrictions on character designs?

Applications in the forum and I'm fine with sending me PM's. The character design stuff is covered in the forum for the most part.

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