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Enroll at Avenger's Academy!

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Enroll at Avenger's Academy!

Avenger's Academy 2016 - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Hey y'all! As the head GM of one of Myth-Weavers oldest multi-gm M&M games, I'm happy to announce that our rolling enrollment is, well, still enrolling!

New students and teachers are all invited to apply. Whether you have a lot of experience, a little, or none at all!

Avenger's Academy is a multi-gm open world roleplaying sandbox, with multiple players and GMs taking on the roles (and rolls) of students and teachers at an academy and reformation center for delinquent and untrained super-powered teenagers. Enjoy open roleplay on the campus, build up your character through class-style roleplay sessions, go out on official campus missions or our new PLMs (player led missions) if you want to lead your character on a brand new adventure, the choice is yours!

Game Description:

This will be a rotating GM game, each GM player will be responsible for running their own story when it's their turn to play the role of GM. Ideally, I'd like to have 2 campaigns running at a time, so that everyone is always able to play a character in a campaign.

Players will have 2 characters, a tutor and a student. Tutors will be existing marvel characters, students will be OCs.

This game will be set in an alternate timeline, based off of the Marvel 616 universe. All current storylines will not have occurred yet in this universe, but any characters introduced will still be in this universe. This Avenger's Academy starts off in an era of relative calm. There's the usual trouble makers, but nothing world threatening.

Enrolling all year: Come check out Avengers Academy!
Been really busy this week, sorry! Will be catching up soon!
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Interested but i have a few questions:

Players will have 2 characters, a tutor and a student. Tutors will be existing marvel characters, students will be OCs.
I dont understand this part, the purpose of a tutor, is it meant for GMs? (GM use tutor when Gming and student when playing) or everyone must have a student and a tutor?

Are roles/powers/themes restricted? i mean, if there is already a speedster, or someone who control ice, would another character with similar powers be ok? (i ask because the student attending thread is huge, hard to not step on someone's toes)

My experience with m&m is limited and by limited i mean that i've built a few characters but the one game i got into didnt last long enough to try out the system, i'll likely need someone to double check my character sheet.

You don't have to have both, but you can if you want to teach classes or run missions; basically everybody has the option to partially co-GM if you choose to.

Roles and niches are not restricted; overlap makes us stronger, and we rarely step on toes.

We double-check everybody's math thoroughly as part of your vetting-in process, and if you need help putting your ideas into numbers I and several others are happy to help.

Ok, thanks, I prefer to become familiar with a system before trying to dm/co-dm it so i'd leave the tutor for later.

I have an idea for the student, will work on it and see what it come out

Yep! It's sort of an open/rolling kind of thing, we just don't always have an ad up.

We tend to put a recruitment thread up when we are starting a new semester, but yeah, we are open all the time.

8 for Students 12 for Teachers

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