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Pirates of the Endless Sky

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Pirates of the Endless Sky

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Hello everyone, this is a spheres campaign about what else. . . pirates! But I am taking inspiration from Skulls and Shackles and Drop Dead Studios campaign setting, Skybourne. Your character for one reason or another have always wanted to take to the skies. They wanted the freedom that only sailing the skies could offer. Maybe they were inspired by tales of Sky Pirates or maybe they couldn't get into the Navy but still had dreams of sailing the Endless Sky. As you may have notice, airships will be used in this campaign. Once you get pass the first part, you will be opened to a sandbox where you can create your own legacy. Will you become the Navy's number one target? Will you amass a pirate armada or simply look for riches beyond your wildest dreams. This is your tale Sky Pirate.

Game Description:

Alba, a world engulfed in clouds. Islands float gently above though clouds never seeing the surface they once came from. Yet civilization thrives on these islands in the Endless Sky. The Endless Sky is monitored by Her Majesty's Royal Navy to ensure the safety Alba but also to expand the Avalon Empire's reach through the world, one colony at a time. But there are places the Empire doesn't see, islands shrouded in mystery that could hold untold riches. Even technology of civilizations from the past. Alba is a world ripped with adventure for those willing to sail her skies.

But the Navy isn't the only ones that fly the skies aboard grand airships. Sky Pirates blaze their own trail through the skies looking for the next big score or prove their supremacy in the skies. Some pirates are simply after treasures that no man has seen while others are simply out to pick a fight. But across every inn in Alba you can be sure to hear awe inspiring tales of pirates both wonderful and terrifying. Despite the Navy actively after these Sky Pirates, they will just say it adds to the thrill. Most of all being a Sky Pirate offers freedom among the clouds.

A freedom that entices you. In your bones you feel the skies of Alba calling you. So when you heard that at the Drowing Wench Inn you might have a chance to join a crew, you jumped at the chance. But once you arrive and waited, it didn't seem anyone was going to take you away from the shackles of your life. So you take a drink that the barteender offers you or you simply go outside toeet the coolness of night. What happens next you're not sure but you awake in a room with other strangers that are wearing manacles and are chained together. You look down and see you too are in the same predicament. But it feels like the floor beneath you is moving. Where are you?

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