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Chicago: Dark Urban Sprawl (V20)

Chicago: An Obsidian Lens - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade

1991. The World of Darkness comes into existence. One of its most iconic settings for the brilliant Vampire game? Chicago. The city that began to shape the future structure of the game line.

Werewolves were introduced and almost naturally became enemies of the Vampires. The Sabbat were fleshed out some and sent in droves against the general Camarilla. It was only a matter of time before they converged on Chicago to cleanse it and give reason to make a second edition.

In this world, however, the Camarilla didn't survive the invasion. Now Sabbat walk freely in Chicago with two Archbishops vying for control over the various parts of this black pearl of Caine.

This game starts in an uncertain future, a night of vast celebration for humans and vampires at night. The packs are invited to the Tribune Tower during the construction going on for a grand party under the aegis of one of the Archbishops. A large building full of stalking prides of hyenas stalk amongst each other, kept together through ties of sisterhood and blood.

Here is where several threads start getting pulled. Even the Sabbat cannot escape the grand Jyhad after all and Chicago has been an epicenter of elder activity for quite some time.

Meneleus lays staked as the Sabbat Regent is still deciding the fate of such potent blood while various vampires salivate at the idea of diablerizing such a delicious piece of power. Helena was never discovered in the scathing of Chicago, leaving a great wound gaping in the armor of the Sabbat. Rumors of a summoned succubus roving the streets incites the Inquisition and spreads fear of Infernalism or Baali. Vampires have been disappearing into the sky through some unknown force. It is a time of tumult in the Sabbat.

Are you ready for a mosh pit of vampirism? To question what it really means to be a vampire? To have friendly Sabbat buddies backing you up?

What am I looking for?

A collection of characters who are more than a splatter of dots, kewl powerz, or unabashed munchkining. I have greatly reined in my usual creativity and have limited choices as I see fit. This may mean your preferred concept won't work so please check the Character Creation Thread Here to make sure it will work.

I will be selecting a small pack of 3-4 characters.

What is this setting?

For me a much more simple setting with controlled Clan/Bloodline selection and Path/Book selection. I realize the V20 books have all kinds of vampires and many of these beings have become ever more playable in other sections or supplements.

I have several plot threads even without characters, and with good characters I can have hooks and plotlines beyond that of my own creation.

Are you interested?

If so, come inside and make an application. I await your creativity.

Game Description:

Date: January 1st, 2019
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Meta: Altered "Under a Blood Red Moon" for all my Oldie Deadheads

1993. A blood moon, full and ripe like a delicious pomegranate. Violence spilled out into the streets as maddened werewolves and violent shovelheads roared into the unlives of the Camarilla. The Camarilla vampires, even having elder blood in their ranks and below the ground, were unable to deal with these beings and actions. The Camarilla fell before the claws of werewolves and fangs of the Sabbat. By '95 the last Camarilla vampire still out and about was taken down which left the old Camarilla bastion to the sway of the Sword of Caine.

Since then the vampires who led this assault have taken the reins when they could, some have fallen and others have moved to more lucrative positions in Mexico City, Montreal, and their Eastern European bastions. The growing disruptive presence of the Sabbat has made Chicago rot like a wonderfully overripe fruit that threatens to fall off the vine and shatter before the seeds create more wicked roots.

You? You are new blood, True Sabbat and of a pack that has not writ itself large upon the world. Yet. You have come to Chicago because it is a place where power grows and gets dispersed. You can grow, you can learn, you can harness your Cainite gifts to become a fearsome monster in this war you have been dragged into.

Who are you? What are you? What drives you? These and more questions will be answered inside.

They say the World of Darkness is our world a mirror darkly, so lets see how well obsidian reflects it.

I made a book for Monsterhearts 2!

Posting Status: Getting better
Well done Anhedonia! This one looks great. Old and new school in one. I've always wanted to try out a Pander, mutts that they are, angry, insecure and desperately vying for recognition. Will put something together for your review.

Ooh, interested. I'm thinking of rezzing Elizabeth, since I enjoyed her a ton before the game died. She was fairly new to unlife, too, so it should fit. I'll put up a thread.

Interested, I will see what I can put together. What timeframe are you thinking this game will start? The holiday season tends to get pretty busy for everyone. I will see about putting together a character and getting it posted as soon as I can.

I started it heading towards 2019 because I thought that it would be about the time the meat of the game that will start around that time with all the winter holidays.

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