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Seeking Brave Play Testers

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Seeking Brave Play Testers

ACE Games Playtest - Forum

Greetings Weavers!
I'm looking for one or two more brave fellows to give a go at playtesting a new, homebrew system I'm putting together. The link is below if you want to peruse the rules. A couple of comments up front on what I'm looking for...

1. Any genre though I would prefer to stay away from high fantasy or space opera. Dark and gritty is usually where I lurk with my games.
2. Solo preferred. Duo allowed so long as the players agree. The story will feed off of your background so make it a good one.
3. The rules may change as the game progresses.
4. I want, nay, I NEED your feedback. Be prepared for me to ask questions as we move along. Kind of like in The Princess Bride, the Pit of Dispair scene..."I just took three years off your does that make you feel?"
5. Looking for players who are interested in telling a story first, and roll playing second. I know that this is counter-intuitive to what I'm trying to accomplish but if we can't tell a good story along the way I'm going to lose interest. Read: This will not be an exercise ONLY in mechanics.

There you have it. Give the rules a look-see and, if interested, drop your concept here.


V0.2 -

Game Description:

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Sounds like a cool environment. Kind of a Blade meets John Wick feel. I'll flip you both an invite to the playtest forum. Feel free to create a thread in the Character Creation folder and we will see where it takes us.

Thanks for your interest!


ok I got the invitation
but first things first,should i study the system first? I donīt know how things work here,sorry

It's a new system so up to you. If that's your preference, go for it. I'll just be picking your brain as time goes on looking for feedback on what works, what doesnt and what absolutely sucks!

I think I have enough play testers. Thanks all!


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